Withdrawing money from foreign ATMs in another currency – genxfxtrader

Withdrawing money from foreign ATMs in another currency – genxfxtrader

Good Morning.

I would like to comment on a case to see if anyone can advise me for future trips although they may modify the conditions thus more or less as works today.

I have been in Croatia and have taken money.

I VISA and withdraw money in Splitska Banka

By using the card was charged 4 euros commission 4.5%

That was the information I was given by telephone Wizink

The change gave me not quite understand.


Does money change fixed VISA or bank with whom do you get the money?

the change they gave me to 7.0762 kunas cuano is 1 Euro = 7.4889837816 Croatian Kuna

addition the commission does not fit me 4 euros compared to 4.5% who say conbra Wizink.

¿Someone who can advise me
a little?

Thank you.

Who gave you the change of 7.07?

ATMs often give them the option of switching to euros at a price that you report on screen.
I have never chosen the change offered by the cashier, because usually always expensive. At least, when I was offered was always worse than at exchange houses.

Commission on your card you
will have to read your contract. You say 4.5%, but is at minimum or maximum that commission?

Ok thanks, did not know that tellers gave that option.
However I will write to the bank to see.

He was in English and I did not notice if there was that option, just follow the steps.

Thank you.

But the cashier Splitska Banka offered you an exchange rate?

Did you take it?

I know not read anything to offer two exchange rates.
I gave only take money and automatically put a change without options. O accepted or canceled.


then if you offered an exchange: You agree that you change 7.07 kuna per euro?

By accepting the exchange, the cashier applies the exchange rate and your bank passes a fee in euros.

I’m afraid that happened.

A friend took another bank and did not happened.

In short … At least I only beareth money in the most important bank or banks in the country concerned.

Zagreb bank did not.

Thank you so much!

When asked the cashier asked you if you accept the exchange rate of 7.07, I would have said that I
do not accept.

You learn from everything. Every mistake is to learn. I fie customer data that omit me. They told me that change is fixed by visa. But they do not specify anything.

It’s what they call centers. Unfortunately I have worked years in them and as they go.

If the bank is who sets the change will not sack there. When looking with wifi change I noticed. He took a week off and did not know it was and there was a line at the cashier of foreigners, so did the August!

For future already is.

ING would have gone even more expensive …

Thanks for the info!

But the queue if not accept the exchange rate offered by
the bank they have applied the exchange of visa plus a currency exchange fee bank card.

I understand that in this case customer has given you the right information.
BUT make some ATMs offer office in euros and for that exchange offer.

But the same applies to shops and restaurants, for example it
is not uncommon offer you the possibility to pay in euros rather than in local currencies, but with the kind of very bad for the customer change.

Well, no.
I did not get the correct information. 4 € commission is 4.5%

Information was scarce and I had to go taking each word to the telemarketer. In fact I had to call 2 times because they knew very well answer 2 questions I did.

With regard to businesses that already knew and customer service they said no. Visa change only in trade.

Call centers work like that . They are also, untrained precarious contracts.

The cashier did not ask between different exchange rates. Neither I nor the person who was with me read it at any time. Simply he offered a change as if it were Visa.

At the tail would happen like …

What you need to do is not take the money in a
hurry, know exactly how this change and if different cancellation. Because every time we took this step not money.

In the shops I had no problem. And almost all pay card.

I think not worth more do this anymore.
Knowing that there are machines that offer exchange bank or visa as is clarified!

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