Where to invest

Where to invest


In this special investment are the best investment recommendations updated by our Analysis Department Bankinter. 

In it you can find solution to the question where to invest money in equities: where to invest in Spanish stock exchange, where to invest in US stock market, where investing in European stock and where to invest in the short term. You’ll also find ideas to invest in bonds, ETF’s, mutual funds and even invest in housing or pension plans. 


Recommendations on where to invest

5707.invertir-in-bag-Spanish  4237.invertir-in-bag-European  7360.invertir-in-bag-American  

Short-term investments  2626.invertir-en-bond  5265.invertir-en-etfs  

3124.invertir-en-fund-de-investment  3443.invertir-en-housing  0003.invertir-en-pension   


Access to investment recommendations where to invest?

Investing in Spanish bag

Investing in European bag

Invest in US stock market

Short-term investment

Investing in bonds

Investing in ETFs

Investing in mutual funds

Invest in Real Estate

Invest in pension plans

Videos updated with ideas to invest

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2. Current Economic Outlook

3. Forecast Currency

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