What Forex Broker do you recommend? (55/60) – genxfxtrader

Forex Broker What do you recommend? (55/60) – genxfxtrader

If you are only interested in the currency , perhaps the best option is Admirall Markets (Admirall account. Prime) In its day I came to that conclusion, but I do not remember the conditions and ended up opening account with another broker (CMC), as it was competitive also to operate Indices 

CMC is good to operate CFD , s in general but does not have MT4.

As for Interdin, it is competitive with Forex but does not think mt4 not going to have, for a long time has passed since he left the news and nothing. Greetings.

For me the best inst
Afore x
Aucune ne peut arrêter armée une idée dont est venu le temps – Victor Hugo

For my part I recommend Interactive Brokers Group.
For variety and low commissions it is best to have a reliable broker who traded (Nasdaq) has very good financial health.

On the
other hand say that now no one should open an account with Saxo Bank or any of its
brokers (Activatrader or ClickTrade ) Why? The reason is simple. Saxo Bank is market maker has the right under its contract shut you a position at a certain price and then modificarte that position with a “good for them” excuse. And as you have accepted the contract they can do whatever they want with your account and your money. Therefore you operate against Saxo Bank, not the market.

This has happened with many customers, and the latest is with the CHF (Swiss franc) closed the positions of all its customers at a price X and 12 hours later sent an e-mail to all and modified them the price at a level much lower.
Not only did that, all accounts with negative balances were, and are now calling one by one asking people to pay a negative balance that Saxo Bank has generated. The excuse is that they had no liquidity to close those positions, and they realized 12 hours later, first if closed. That is they are market makers when they win their customers, when their customers lose if they like to be market makers. When Saxo Bank has to lose money says that there was no liquidity and passes the problem to customers, puts them negative balance and asks them pay … is very funny as can be market maker to good and when something bad happens the client pays the piper … it is very strong what they have done. If I were a client of Saxo Bank pulled all my money, because any day you can lose everything at once and you can not do anything, they will say that the
CFD s and Forex are risky and already … think that there are people with negative balances hundreds of thousands of euros … well a shame this Broker could be the best if not a market maker who lives of lost customers.


I would
like to provide the Broker with which’ve been operating for a few months.

It is called HIROSEUK, and I’m happy.
I’ve commented on any of the subjects more.

In another forum I found a user who had done a review on it.

I leave you
here if anyone is interested. If you ask me pork I chose you say no forces have a minimum in the account and the minimum deposit is $ 20

FOREX AND Binary Options


About Hirose UK

is a broker who lives Japanese origin in Europe foreign currency trading (Forex) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in
the UK and the Financial Services Agency of the Japanese government.

Hirose UK is a subsidiary based in the UK one of the most successful forex companies of Japan, Hirose Tsuyo, established in 2004 and is among the top 10 brokers winners in the Asian nation.
It provides multiple platforms to more than 120,000 customers worldwide, with a total transaction of $ 90 thousand million per month in Forex.

In addition to binary options, it provides accounts to trade in the forex market, trading foreign currencies and benefit from changes in currency prices.


Broker: HiroseUK

Types Customer: Spanish Live Chat, Email, SKYPE

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian

Minimum deposit: 20 dollars or Euros

Account Minima : no minimum

quantity Trade Minimum: 5 $ in forex, 1 $ Binary Options

bonus: no deposit bonus 10 $, 50% bonus your deposit

Withdrawals: Less than 72 hours

Free Demo Account

Regulacion: Regulated FCA England

Deposit Methods: Neteller, Debit card, Credit, Bank transfer, Skrill,

Trading on Smartphones and Tablets

types of platforms

offer two platforms for FOREX:

metetrader 4 and LION TRADER

offer the possibility of operating this product since only 1 $.

There are options for up to
30 minutes and allow close positions up to 3 minutes before the end of the timeout.

Other comments

BROKER best thing about this is that there is
no minimum deposit, as in others, it forces you to deposit a minimum quantity to operate; From only $ 20 you can start.

It is regulated by the FCA and has segregated accounts, which says a
lot in its favor.

Hi all,

could someone tell me if
IG Markets is a market maker in forex issue ?? I would not care if market maker in CFD ‘s because I just want to operate in Forex.

Thank you.


I have days looking for
a specialist broker in Forex, but do not want a market maker of those rare, lest I be the LIE.

I wish it had microlots, because for an initial small capital think is best.
After much searching I saw two are more or less serious: FXCM and IG.

The first has microlots, the second not know, on the web does not say anything.
And I think none are market maker (although I’m not 100% sure).

I seek the broker has to be right for strategies to medium / long term, both short and long positions.

My questions are:

1. Which of the two is better for Forex?

2. Do you know another who is better than these?

Thank you.

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