Weekly economic report: Spain’s trade deficit stood at 2.1% of GDP – genxfxtrader

Weekly Economic Report: Spain’s trade deficit stood at 2.1% of GDP – genxfxtrader

Caixabank Research  brings us  economic news. Among the most notable events of the last week ( from 20 to 26 November ) we highlight the following: 

According to the Ministry of Development, the
price of housing rose 2.7% in Q3 2017 . The price is expected to continue to rise in the coming months due to low supply of housing in prime areas. Figure first lower

Spanish trade deficit stood at 2.1% of GDP (accumulated 12 months) in September this year, despite the advance of 6.1% year on exports. This is due mainly to rising oil prices .Fig second bottom

in Portugal a significant deleveraging of the private sector stands in Q3.
private sector debt decreased by 6.7% in Q3 2017 compared to the same period last year, caused by the debt reduction firms and individuals. We can observe this evolution in the lower first figure

in the euro zone, consumer confidence continues to
improve and now stands at
15 – year highs after advancing 1.2 points, demonstrating the good performance of the economy in the eurozone. Figure second lower

international markets advanced during the last week highlighting generalized increases in US stock market,
the SP 500 advanced 0.9% , while in the euro advancing stands Eurostoxx (+ 1%) and IBEX 35 (+ 0.4%) . As for the foreign exchange market, noted the rise in EUR / USD to 1.19. 

Moreover, both the Fed and the ECB trust prolonging good economic activity for a gradual increase in inflation.
The Governing Council of the ECB expects a recovery of inflation in the medium term, and in this sense, have largely backed a
lower asset purchases by the year 2018 . (from 30,000 million in 2018 from the current 60,000 million). 

Below is
a prominent figure on the financial market data. 

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