Weekly currency analysis: weekly forecast of euro against dollar, yen, pound and Swiss franc

Weekly currency analysis: weekly forecast of euro against dollar, yen, pound and Swiss franc

Analysis Department of Bankinter offers its forecasts for the next behavior currencies: Eurodollar, Euroyen, Eurolibra and Eurosuizo.

Eurodollar (€ / USD): Last week the currency pair closed at a level similar to that already started, although on Wednesday the dollar appreciated strongly after meeting Fed rate in the institution left the door open for a rate hike in December. Looking ahead to the next few days the trend will be slight appreciation of the dollar, the expected rate hike and because probably  Payrolls  will strong. 

Estimated range (week): 1,100 / 1,112.

EUROYEN (€ / JPY): Last week the Fed sparked an appreciation of the Japanese currency remained, but are not so pronounced, until the end of the week. For this week, after learning that the BoJ will not implement complementary actions, we could see a side and even new appreciatory quote .

Weekly estimated range: 133.80 to 131.45.

Eurolibra (€ / GBP):  The pound remains strong against the euro despite economic activity in the 3T¿15 shows signs of weakness in the UK (GDP increased + 2.3% vs + 2.2% expected and earlier) .This week the BoE will keep unchanged its monetary policy and industrial production show signs of exhaustion, factors that should penalize the price of the pound slightly.

Estimated range (weekly): 0.715 / 0.725.

Eurosuizo (€ / CHF):  The franc stable against the euro remains after a week in macro figures confirm the price weakness in EMU (+ 0.0% in October (+ 1.0% the underlying rate) . This week the CPI in Switzerland confirm the continued downward pressure on prices and deflation scenario (-1.4% expected), so we expect the franc continues to trade within a narrow range. 

Estimated range (weekly): 1,092 / 1,087.

Weekly Agenda November 2, 2015: “Week transition prior to consumption figures for Chinese and American”


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