We expect the continuation of a soft decline of the US dollar – genxfxtrader

We expect the continuation of a soft decline of the US dollar – genxfxtrader

Last Friday, the foreign exchange market was consolidated pending further signals after resales of the US dollar since the beginning of the week, which currently is amplified with a wave of hope that the central banks of developed countries rates begin to change their monetary policies this year, and the statements of Finance Minister of the United States, on support for the low rate of the dollar USD as it contributes to the support of trade enterprises Americans in the world market.

But on Thursday following the words of D. Trump, President of the United States, that “a strong country (United States) needs a strong dollar,” the collapse of the US currency fall stopped.
Now, right now, the attention of market players has focused on the publication of new economic statistics data mainly from the US

On Friday, data on US GDP for
the fourth quarter of last year were published, which are a pair of earlier forecast data, downward, showing an increase of only 2.6% compared with growth forecast 3.0%. The figures of the indicators of basic durable goods orders were more positive. According to data, the basic durable goods in December increased by 0.6% compared to 0.3% increase in November and 0.5% growth expected. The volume of orders for durable goods in December increased by 2.9% versus expectations of an increase of only 0.8% and the revised indicator 1.7% growth in November.

The data were inconclusive and did not have
a noticeable effect on currency markets as well as the performance of J. Trump in Davos, despite optimism about the economic future of America and improving the present situation with the dollar USD, in addition to its request to investors to invest their capital in the economy of the United States.

At the
end of quotations, the US dollar fell to a common wave with weak GDP data, which are likely to start convince market players that
at the meeting in March the Federal Reserve US. UU (Fed) will not increase interest rates by 0.25%, as scheduled. Our opinion, “this is the main course negative for the US currency factor” as well as the limitations of buying by investors and this is despite the relatively strong hopes of a rate hike in the meeting of the Fed in March, which, according to the dynamics of futures on Fed interest rates indicate a potential possibility to increase the key interest rate at 76.8%.

Assessing the overall mood in the Forex market, we can say that a short –
term fall in the US dollar on the Forex market is likely to continue.

The previous forecast, is not a direct guide for quotes, but only a suggestion

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