We analyze the General State Budgets (PGE) 2015 – genxfxtrader

We analyze the General State Budgets (PGE) 2015 – genxfxtrader

I like your state model, focusing on R & D etc. If I pregntaran my say something like adding that it is essential to transparency and efficiency in fund-tax expense. And of course those who hold public office are honest and have the capacity to monitor the honesty of private enterprise.

Sure these measures would
improve budgets.

Bervis … it cost you to
make another post, eh?

“Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is to appreciate what has already been achieved ”

identify with your date ….


I keep it to read, I like macro topics (no pun intended)

What I see is that currently we are orphans at the
level of ideas, whether they are people like Rajoy, Ana Mato, vice president of government, the PSOE leader and his entourage, the leader of Podemos, or the leader of UPyD, I think spot on our grave as a country to take more or less to arrive, depending on whether Europe lends us a hand or not.

There are no ideas of any kind in our leaders, or at least not advertised on their websites or media.

– I see incompetence in our leaders, both political, and business.

– I see personal interests rather than the common interest

I read the amount of “bullshit” which is going to spend the little money that is entered, and on
top you have to swallow a wage increase !!! to senior posts !!! … SERIOUSLY !!!

Ave expenses in AVE !!!
Whether it unwise to say ADIF managers recognize that it takes TWICE !!! of travelers who have the lines to begin be profitable !!!

What budget is what it will cost Castor bankrupt or highways?

By the
way who audits the accounts of the state? Does the Court of Auditors? Europe? Nobody sees anything unusual?

With 1.4bn debt and rising, is no reason to skip some kind of alarm?

To me if someone impartial and competent does not audit these PGE, I find little or no credible and a toast to the

So much incompetence and lack of ideas we will pay dearly, dearly.

A greeting.

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