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Everything is related to the Brexit now , this explains the strong and fearful movements being recorded on the market and, in just three sessions, we have already cost the Ibex 35 over 37,600 million euros.

Brexit addition,
this week we have the Grexit, maturing Greek debt , employment strikes in France, the rise in US rates, lower oil prices and problems in the Middle East , which are shaking financial markets and applying a corrective bags severe major markets. Moreover, we have experienced a very positive development , purchasing Linkedin by Microsoft for $ 23.200 million.

He accumulated
decreases of 1.51% to 8,362 points in a week in which he continued to drop after finding resistance at 9,155 points and in the middle of the 200 sessions, again weighed down by banks. Selective, yes, he found some support on Thursday at 8,107 points. All this is being discounted by the markets, as well as our operator Broker Panda , which this week has decided to disinvestment movements in major financial markets. 

With eight days to be held in UK
referendum on remaining in the EU , there have been a number of surveys show an increase in participants who opt for output UK Union European. The latest polls of voting intentions give an advantage of seven points in favor of Brexit. 

The YouGov survey conducted for “The Times”
gives support to Brexit 46%, while support for the permanence reaches 39%. The consultation conducted by the ICM firm to “The Guardian” 53% remains in favor of Brexit, compared with 47% who opted for continuing in the EU . In the ORB poll for the Daily Telegraph, support for the Brexit was 49%, while 48% prefer to stay in European Union. 

Faced with
the possibility that Britain leave the EU, the European Central Bank is preparing a line of action with the Bank of England. Both entities could publicly commit to providing financial support to the markets in the event that UK vote in favor of Brexit next
June 23

According to
Reuters yesterday, the ECB announcement would come a day after the referendum, intended to strengthen the confidence of European investors and calm markets. The commitment of the European Central Bank would include the opening of swap lines with the Bank of England to exchange pounds and euros and offer unlimited funding in both currencies. 

Since Brexit favorable surveys began appearing late last week,
the pound has continued to depreciate against the major currencies. On Tuesday , the pound-dollar cross, chained his sixth consecutive day of falls in a week has fallen five figures, 1.46 to $ 1.41. Yesterday marked the intraday lows at 1.4080 dollars bracket on, if you lose this level, it may continue to fall to annual lows area, located at $ 1.3050. 

• In the next three months crowdlending platform as 
arboribus will channel 3 million in direct loans to companies with revenue of between 6 and 50 million euros . With the addition of this profile crowdlending platforms attract accredited investors and high net worth individuals , who see how they can access businesses with different risk-return profiles and further diversify its investment.

• 40% of capital invested through arboribus comes from high net worth individuals
arrived mainly from the hand of EAFIs (independent financial advisory firms).

At a time when official interest are below 1%, corwdlending A platform provides an online fixed income market where you can invest in companies with high solvency gross returns of up to 8% annually . This new type of asset is attracting interest from high net worth individuals , especially hand 3 of the EAFIs – companies independent financial advice – most important in the country, and actively collaborate with arboribus and managing a higher equity 600 million of euros.  

July 5, 2016 , iiR Spain organizes its annual meeting in the forum AML where major policy developments and best practices will be reviewed to adapt prevention departments to the new demands of the authorities. In the event policies, processes and technologies will be discussed anti -money laundering fight in an increasingly digital environment. 

If anything of this matter on which everyone agrees, even supporters of
Brexit , is in the short term it would be a blow for the British economy. However there are few who for the long term are demanding an exit in Europe that allows them to set their own rules in many areas marked now by the Union, especially on immigration.

The political campaign ahead of the referendum is getting dizzy the population with economic data entirely uncertain, because in case of voting for the departure of UK EU would be seen under what conditions and with what trade agreements established finally the country.  

The next
June 23 at 18:00 in Madrid , you will attend a day trading where José Luis Herrera and Sara Carbonell will explain his opinion on current financial markets and how we can make today all news to operate successfully.

Analysts give their opinions on major
asset to consider at the present time  and the opportunities that exist in fixed income. Moreover we explain the keys to enhance our experience as traders through strategies CFDs :

Currently, one of the alternatives for income recurring basis that are within
the reach of virtually anyone is
investing in secondary equity markets , either directly or through derivatives (futures, options, contracts for difference or CFDs). It is a task that can not be started from the overnight. Learning needs analysis methodologies to help you make the most beneficial decision and adoption practice does not ensure that you will achieve the desired result, but our chance of succeeding in our decisions closer to reality.

We live in a fast –
changing economic and political environment in which the circumstances are going to be changing at a dizzying day. Stock markets are no strangers to these convulsive changes, and
methodologies that were reliable to predict movements before short and medium term become insufficient to analyze the change in market prices.   

The next June 10 will be a
day of trading live with David Aranzabal FX for a Living Ashraf Laidi and who has been director of global strategy limied City Index since January 2012. The Live Trading will have a duration of nearly six hours , will be done in LASEDE at the College of Architects of Madrid, but will also be broadcast live online form.

forex market or forex market is defined as a global decentralized market in which currencies are traded . This market was created to facilitate the cash flow derived from international trade. 

We note that is
a market with a high volume of transactions, presenting an extremely liquid besides providing a large number and variety of participants in the market , accessible from any geographic point, available to operate 24 hours a day except for weekends . The volume of currency traded internationally is 5.345 trillion dollars , finding its peak during the session of European markets, which means the volume that Wall Street would move in a month, thus being a poorly “manipulable” market.  

This week we interviewed Andrés García, who told us
the advantages and disadvantages of automated trading and discussed his views on trading systems .

Andrew G

Andrés A. García is Doctor of Philosophy, specializing in Logic and Philosophy of Science, Doctor of Science Education and expert in new technologies. For over 20 years he has combined teaching and proprietary trading, focusing on the past decade in the development of automatic trading algorithms in the markets of US and European futures. He owns one of the best known and most visited websites in Spain on trading systems and related topics: He is also author of a book on ” future roadmap intraday fixed income and operational ” (2009), numerous articles on financial markets in various websites and specialized publications and has lectured at several universities. He currently teaches the graduate course “Systems and quantitative models for algorithmic trading” organized by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Since 2010 he is co – founder and partner of the company Optimal Quant Management, offering advanced and high – quality training online trading systems. It also is a partner and co – founder of the company ATP-Capital Management LLC (2013) A CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) operating in the US  

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