Top 10 reasons to buy gold and silver – genxfxtrader

Top 10 Reasons to buy gold and silver – genxfxtrader

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You recommend Invest in physical gold, mining ETF’so?

Llinares Hi, I really liked the article, more knowing that gold and silver are now in full “backwardation” and for anyone who wants
access, have to buy NOW.

Do you have any advice for buying?
I’m interestedthe topic, particularly buying physical gold above
ETFs .


not have to be an expert in economics to know that
there is no safe investment . This includes investments in real estate (gold, silver, land, houses, …). Where something is, something can lose.

PS: not to allow oneself is that you lose sleep an investment.


this time is different VS dontfighttheFED, everything is like always

place your bets …

if you invest on both sides, you get “grapevine” that is neither hot nor cold, eaten so served, or whatever … greetings to all but the Vicens Navarro this has just been coupled.

If the remainder of the
decade the poor fiat currencies have physical gold and silver and try to change it for food, goods or services disappear. If you get home alive and wall it can.

Coins noble materials are manageable for small populations.
Tries payroll of the police in your city gramillos gold … of course, there for everyone.

Legumes, seeds, flour … At these scenarios are much more manageable and useful.

Keep thinking about safe investments is to
go against nature. Everything changes, deal with it and sleep soundly.

On June 21 he said:

“Right now, the 6 trends that exist, the Ibex has them
all bassists (…) is very likely to rise to the 8050 – 8100. I do not think it ‘s going much higher.”

October 18:

“New Ibex record: 10.001 points”

trends give the same result as silver and wheat-corn, zero ranker!

Hello Mr. Linares.

Are you still recommending silver and gold as safe haven assets ?. If the financial system gets cold, as colloidal silver ounces can be a good choice, but if the financial system remains without refrigeration and caught a ‘fukushima “not to do.

Greetings To

be a
prophet is always difficult, especially when it comes to the future. Consider this paragraph of his article, Mr Llinares:

“This will happen when bubbles credit / debt / bonds / fiat currency and derivatives begin to implode. The reaction of central banks will print until deflation subsides. I think this is going to cause hyperinflation. ”

Well What were? If at the end hyperinflation it is clear that gold will rise, but also rise houses, and actions, and everything (except, obviously the fiat money). I do not understand why that action will sink: if Coca-Cola sold at double the price their bottles also your profit will be doubled and the value of its stock (in nominal terms) will double, but in the end, only serve to buy the same.

Warren Buffet says that gold is a relic, which also produces nothing. I agree with him and yet, I am also buying gold (FISICO for “pericogn” that question in the comment 1). Because you can not ignore market psychology. But I do not believe in the financial Armageddon. If you arrive as a colleague says, it may be more important to have a weapon that have gold. People are giving themselves more and more to the socialist state, and circulate an alternative currency such as gold or bitcoin- be an impossible task. The fattest recent months scandal is that governments not only rob us, but spying on us. Has anyone moved to protest? No, delighted, we continue giving our data and our photos to “social networks” and continue with football. Now there are football every day. The minds of the sheep are quiet. No one will take away the football and big brother and, on Sunday, another shrimp.

We are locking up in the yard and none got up. It sounds sensible to invest in gold. But do so in moderation. It’s easy to steal (even for governments, let alone the peasants with tared scale), it is difficult to sell, is (yes) easy to carry and easy to hide.

To end an anecdote that demonstrates that there is more valuable than gold (and not talking about spiritual) things: 500 years ago King Francis I of France bought La Gioconda -the most famous- box 492 ounces of gold to decorate their ” toilette “(as a Rock any). Try today buy that painting for 492,000 euros (approx value of those 492 ounces of gold). The last time I toured the mysterious lady was insured for 700 million dollars (more than 530,000 ounces of gold to change).

Firehand’re absolutely right.
In 2002 I sold properties acquired in 98 and half of the proceeds buy gold and silver. As you say your failure, I lost a pretty penny. And all this time without hearing how was the economy, ie without being outstanding graphics and trends, unfortunately enjoying my family and a lot of free time. A incidentally also had the folly to acquire bitcoins in 2010; a ruin.


What is money and what does not in my view is decided by
the creditor, in itself not think there is a real or fake money.

Is now fashionable to
say that the fiat money has no support, nothing more false, there are all kinds of indicators that support a currency, employment factor, GDP, industry, technological development, its trade balance, the interest rate, the operation of different sectors, the state debt is not it more accurate to reflect the value of money in a country for all sorts of facts that this has been proven that simply by the amount of metal they have in their coffers? Even free money printing is also counted because depreciates.

Speaking a little of
everything, all of us here exchanging information through the network, we would not be doing or enjoying many other human progesos, if the economic system that had been used had been based on how much metal we have in the box, not even when there was supposed gold standard when it comes to the truth it worked that way! By this I mean that there has always been paying the benefits
Futures and endorsement that really was not backed by gold because it had not but had the same way.

Some demystification of God Gold and Silver.
Do not go to think that in 10 years you will be buying bread with gold nuggets, but rather with the DNI or simply with your fingerprint.

China is encroaching drop by drop, especially in the American cranio West, I have doubts about how events will unfold, if I think we will live a whip could be between 2015 and 2017 which is when the Yuan is floating more freely , and most likely is purchased in huge quantities, the dollar will cease to be what it is, of
course, but not the world, no horror movies is over.

What Gold is rather a gesture gentlemen, it is like saying look I have the atomic bomb I have gold reserves milk so I am the strongest, so we changed things with my motto because besides you and you owe me a
lot, and if you say no, do not pay the money you need to have some peace in your country, it is the world’s history always repeats !!


On point three, when talking about 7.1 million people, imagine that Americans will mean 7.1 trillion or 7.1 billion.

Thank you very much for the article.


interesting article full of very powerful arguments and data suggest.
I’m betting on the metal and even though it costs a paste having it stored in a bank (I discarded it to keep it in the garden or under the mattress for obvious reasons) still think or rather intuiting that both gold and silver skyrocket their price some not too distant time.

Sir my question is whether I can trust bank custodian of my savings and if you recommend any particular price, etc..No drawback would change if the conditions would improve me.

As for the article … that they are increasingly seeking the metal as a refuge is flatly true. A year to this part of the circulation of silver coins has slowed and difficult to locate an batches to buy. In addition, sellers set the price above the spot, and if you do not want, and that is one behind wearing it. It is a separate market. On the street, silver and gold, have their own movement and it grows at top speed. Forced by bankruptcy stench permeates everywhere.

I understand that there are people who think it is difficult for a financial Armegedon come up to us but given the history is best to be prepared. Yes, where it is a good gun, that all the silver and gold of the world is quite … unless it is to make bullets.

Thanks teacher and a hug.

Many thanks for the translation teacher.

For those who are interested Mike Maloney has been publishing a series of episodes that “the hidden secrets of money” are entitled.
Are both English and translated into Castilian. You can subscribe on their website and sent periodically. Look for them on youtube with these titles.

– The Hidden Secrets Of Money – Episode I – Mike Maloney

– The Hidden Secrets Of Money – EP 2 – The Seven Stages Of An Empire

– The Hidden Secrets Of Money – EP 3 – The Dollar Crisis, Golden Opportunity

– The Hidden Secrets Money – EP 4 – the biggest Fraud In the History of Mankind

He says his mission is that people acquire financial literacy.
The studies conducted are based on real data of what has happened throughout history and it is continuously repeated in various ways that greatly resemble each other. The videos are made so that people who do not know much about this world understand and are really fantastic. I hope the compartais with all your family and friends because they open your eyes. Investments in metals are 90% silver and 10% gold and when you fell in environments 1300 $ and 20 $ remarked that came as a tour almost all their cash as “consumed” buying again. Be aware that he initially invested almost all their capital in gold, later the following year, when he studied the silver market sold nearly all his gold and buy silver. He has been buying silver from $ 5 and does not blink or with this great drop more than 60%. ‘ It does what it preaches !!.

Antal Fekete says there will be a period when gold and out of backwardation continuously (this happens right now), until it reaches the continuing backwardation.
If this happens uffffffffff ………….

Greetings and patience, patience muuuucha.

For me the safety boxes for two days gave an “unexpected” reversal:

This news indicates that there are at least 3 keys: the yours, bank and finance.

I do not use those services, but from this news is one less worry I have on my list. Today they have had to “teach” the contents of their boxes defaulters, another day to not wearing bangs …


partially Betting on gold and silver seems sensible;
trust most of our heritage these metals seems foolhardy.

Any article that exposes reasons for gold / silver has a defect and omits the reasons against, which are very diverse and have already been discussed in these forums. So my opinion is that we must continue looking for alternatives in which to diversify, because what is clear is that fiat currencies are not trusted.

Gold and silver take thousands of years serving as a
store of value but that is not worth me at all. The horses were for thousands of years the main means of transport; and writing in hardware the primary means of remote communication. All this is compounded because technology makes our society evolve faster and faster by introducing an element of uncertainty that have not had our ancestors: In 1000 knew how they were going to live in 1050? Yes. In 2000 we know how we will live in 2050? We have no idea.

Is it possible atomic manipulation of a metal to turn it into another? Yes.

How easy will do this in 2030? ¿?

Did they really exist fiat currencies and precious metals such as accumulators value in 2030?

True and there was an open forum on this subject but do not remember how was called. I do not think we get to this point but you never know. Gold is not eaten but can be a currency but if I had to choose I would take water and basic necessities as you have written.

I have always pemsadoque if the coins are
worth zero, the best investment would cans of sardines.

Well macho now you have a golden opportunity, never better !!!!!

hehehe ….


Thanks Orion.
The advantage I have is that neither I nor keep debts amount to interest the Treasury.

I consulted the bank and tell me that in my case there is no need to worry. I’m an ant as those ahorros.No However, I will not lower the guard.

Like, I shot the mountain and leave under an oak …


The world was much better when we
used gold or silver only, of course.

And indeed, if we return to a gold-silver standard what is the
use? Can we limit the monetary variation of physical gold policy? Vamosssss … years of analysis and advances in economics for this, please

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