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Headlines for Market Makers

William Antequera
In trading, the only parties are the trader and broker.
The trader interest is to beat the market, and get the highest possible return. Broker interest is that many traders invest through them in order to earn more. Trading in the social part of the trader and broker must have a third player: the investor.
David The Boss

On February 6, 2017 the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CFTC for its acronym in English, issued a statement announcing that the broker FXCM disqualified for breaking the current legislation and take positions contrary to their customers.


In theory ,
the market-maker or authorized participant has to arbitrate the difference between the iNAV and the quotation, ie, the premium discount. They earn money by doing this favor and most of the time they do very well.


The first thing to know is that while ETFs are traded like stocks, their structure is not the
same. Although both represent ownership of a certain percentage of the company, the way in which an ETF creates and redeems ( “destroy”)

Ausias Fuster

A broker is the financial intermediary in our operations, ie, is the intermediary between buyers and sellers.
Each brokerage the broker a commission will be. Brokers must meet regulatory standards in the country where they are established in Spain organ established by this regulation is the CNMV.

David The

The Forex market or foreign exchange market is the most liquid market in
the world, move about three trillion dollars a day. The Forex market has a feature that does not have any other market, is that each currency pair has four possible scenarios

Positive Theta

The mispricing are part of the market from there.
In any economic exchange both parties try to make the most of their chances. One shows all the benefits of what you sell and the other party will try to refute showing defects for a better price.

Positive Theta

continue with the series dedicated to see the items that can distort the functioning of markets.
If you previously talked about price bubbles and injections of public money today we will focus on the role of market maker.


When I was a
Market Maker was more likely to live from trading now. First, because there were so many competitions. Second, because in the case of shares, the market was by no decimals as fractions and today , and in the case of future, because there were no physical and electronic exchanges.

Amparo Sisternes

The Forex market is a global market where international currencies, as its acronym indicate traded: Currences Foreing Exchange.
Increasingly this market is gaining relevance among traders because it presents investment opportunities in multiple currency crosses.

Be quick or be dead

Here you can see the difference between a broker Forex ECN, which directly take your operations to market, Dukascopy (you can see the instruction queue at the bottom) and a broker market maker, Oanda, do not take your market operations directly but have the products in stock

David The

Is it safe ?, forex market is a global market where currencies are bought and sold;
unorganized market has no official clearing house. The Forex market is the largest and most liquid in the world and its negotiation is based on supply and direct demand among market players 24 hours a day. There are brokers Forex Market Makers and ECN.

The Boss David

This thread’ve opened with the intention of gathering information that has been distributed by many threads in this forum.
It is aimed at all users (new or experienced) who have questions about any broker.


markets OTC derivatives are not always bilateral, ie there is
also the multilateral trading (as in the stock market for example). When an OTC transaction takes place bilaterally the delear (market maker) is set in consideration of the operation, ie, operates against its own assuming market risk and credit operation.

David The

One of the features we have to take into account when choosing our broker is the issuer with which it
operates and how it operates such issuer.

Roberto Boniperti

all know that the attitude of some Broker Market Maker is not always the best, we would be able to convey to all traders what is really the forex market

Carles Boscà Ramon

yesterday attended the 3rd and last part of the webinar “Currencies and Commodities as new investment tools” by Ignacio Albizurri.
This online session will be divided into two parts. In the first part the characteristics and differences between ECN and Market Maker, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using platforms explained.

Carles Boscà Ramón

The main participants in the Forex market or foreign exchange market are five: commercial and investment banks, central banks, companies and corporations, individual trader and retail online brokers.

Be quick or be dead

thing that CFD broker earns what we lose and backward in a widespread but generally false cliché, most brokers are wholesale suppliers of CFDs that are what we are actually giving the counterparty, the most important of which is Traiana (ICAP plc.).

Positive Theta

is a reality in the market imbalance between supply and demand options.
If nothing is done about many purchase requests not find counterparties with which market efficiency would be lost.


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