The five Fintech industries that are transforming the world – genxfxtrader

That Fintech The five industries are transforming the world – genxfxtrader

To make the exchange, the company “A” must register on the platform, select the currency you want to sell and you want to buy, set the amount you want to swap, select a partner with which to exchange data (Company B) and day you want to make the operation effective. Formed after the operation, the agreed amount is sent to the accounts. (

Payments Online:According to the Mexican Internet Association, in 2014, the e – commerce industry in Mexico grew by 35%, achieving a turnover of more than 160,000 million pesos. One of the main causes is the growing confidence the use of the Internet and the realization of the benefits that this industry offers. A study by MercadoPago and Ipsos reveals that the means of payment most commonly used by Mexican Internet are: debit card (54%), platforms online payment (52%), credit card (50%), bank transfers ( 48%) and effective (16%). Online payments are already an everyday situation and represent a fundamental way to handle any business. 

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