The daily bag – genxfxtrader – Page 32

The daily bag – genxfxtrader – Page 32

At the second session of lectures at Forinvest organized by genxfxtrader him Thursday, March 10, there was talk of major financial risks by 2016. Your rapporteur, Pablo Gil , told us some situation d the financial world and the difficult future that looming. 

Pablo Gil is  Director of Trading Method (school investment) and market strategist at XTB. It was trader for 12 years for BSCH, was Director of Technical Analysis Banco Santander for 9 years. In his speech at Forinvest 2016, Pablo Gil warned of what, in its view, the  main financial risks for 2016:

To close the morning session conference in Forinvest 2016 March 10, we have a round table on technical analysis and money management  with Juan Carlos Costa and Yosi Truzman who told us some of the keys to control losses in times of corrections as markets in recent weeks.

Juan Carlos Costa is an analyst and financial adviser EAFI also responsible for Meanwhile, Yosi Truzman leads and in the world market since 1999. Since 2001 works at Ahorro Corporación Financiera in institutional sales team Equity also dealing with the whole development of technical analysis of the securities company.

On March 10 the second day dedicated to the trading day Forinvest genxfxtrader in 2016, there was a round table on trading during times of volatility. The speakers on this occasion were: Luis Francisco Ruiz Investment Strategist, Javier Urones XTB and Eduardo Bolinches of Bolsacash who reviewed the situation of different assets (equities, indices, currencies, etc.) and as volatility could affect the evolution thereof.
Enagas  is the only carrier gas backbone network in Spain and technical manager of the Spanish gas system . In other words, Enagas has a monopoly on gas transportation nationwide . In recent years it has adquieriendo national gas pipelines and regasification plants which have increased their income. In addition, in recent years he has been entering the accionarado other international carriers as TGP gas (Peru) and Swedegas (Sweden ) . However, the percentage of revenues of these companies is still very low. But the goal of Enagas is to grow internationally so we could be talking about a growing company in the style of REE . Regulated company with regulated revenues and debt – financed investments.

The company will be valued in the following lines is EUSKALTEL SA . Before beginning has to be made clear that at all times they have used data from the annual accounts 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, dismissing the first three quarters of 2015 because none of the two companies we use in the analysis they have presented the final results at the time when this work was developed. Thus, it is possible that some ratios are different from those employed by websites or specialist companies.

Natural Gas (GAS) is an international energy group , which operates in 30 countries, mainly LATAM and Spain where they come from the bulk of their income. Natural gas integrated gas and electricity activities and many other energy companies. As important fact in 2009 Union Fenosa acquired what was a major growth in its size.
2014 Natural Gas acquires CGE , leading distributor of gas and electricity in Chile. This has enabled it to increase profits but also had to increase its net financial debt by 17% during 2014. However, as we shall see has been amortizing debt in recent years.

Natural Gas has five business lines:

Bridging the gap, the
regulated and non – regulated activities contribute to EBITDA in similar proportion. Finally, it is important to note that the Caixa and Repsol have a stake in the share capital of 34% and 30% respectively. 

Mapfre is an independent Spanish business group that develops insurance, reinsurance, financial, real estate and service in Spain and 44 other countries. Such activities are conducted through 258 companies, which are grouped into divisions and operating units with extensive management autonomy, under the coordination and supervision of the senior management bodies of the Group.

Mapfre control consists mainly of

There is a
risk that many of the
entities in the Eurozone can see committed their capital levels for the coming years if the economy fails to pick up . That is why they are generating important trust issues in some of the financial giants amid fears of a new financial crisis.

Some of the assets are being hardest hit stocks and convertible bonds “Coco”. In recent weeks, entities such as Deutsche Bank could leave stop paying this type of coupon if the company fails to meet certain requirements. But what are the Cocos ?.
The CoCo Bonds , as they are commonly known, usually issued by financial institutions to capitalize. They are designed so that at one point the holder COCO becoming a shareholder of the company, with the conditions established by the issuer of the CoCo. This implies that if during the period since the convertible bond contract until conversion or maturity arrives, the action falls, we may suffer a loss on our investment. 

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