The creator of the litecoin sells all his cryptocurrencies

The creator of the litecoin sells all His cryptocurrencies

Charlie Lee has acknowledged that it has sold and donated all of their possessions litecoin not to create “a conflict of interest.”

In the last five days, the cryptocurrency has risen 9%. The litecoin reaches a price of $ 343 per coin.

Charlie Lee, creator of one of the five most important criptomonedas in circulation, has sold all the coins possessed after accumulating a gain of 7,500% this year.

Bloomberg reports, through a letter posted on reddit by Lee, the creator of litecoin has decided to donate and sell currencies to avoid “any conflict of interest.” The creator, engineer by profession founded cryptocurrency headquarters in San Francisco in 2011. The capitalization hovers around 18,500 million and there are about 52 million coins in the market.

“Litecoin has been very beneficial to me from a financial point of view, so I am sufficiently prepared to not fear that my business successes are subject to how well that goes currency”, said Lee in the letter. He has also confessed that “it is the first time since the currency that does not have a single litecoin was created”. Charlie Lee has not yet made public the coins in his possession but did say that “it was a small percentage of daily volume.”


The litecoin is the fifth largest in terms of trading cryptocurrency. The first is the bitcoin already listed at $ 17473 per unit. Second dash appears with a price of $ 1412 for each crypto possession. Cuerra the podium at the ethereum, with a valuation well below the first (802 dollars per unit).


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