The boom of bitcoin: 1,000 dollars invested in 2010 are worth 35 million today

The boom of bitcoin: 1,000 Dollars Invested in 2010 are worth 35 million today

What would have happened if you had invested $ 1,000 in bitcoin just over seven years ago? The answer to this question Jeroen Blokland, an analyst with Robeco has given through a point on the social network Twitter, it has made more than one will freeze the blood in his veins. What he himself has described as “the graph of repentance” shows how this little figure July 2010 had left some enormous profits today. The course avispado operator would in your account no less than the amount of 35 million dollars.

The date the manager of Dutch investment firm as a reference, in July 2010, is not random. In that month they passed several important digital currency price started shooting things, although would not reach parity with the dollar until February 2011. The most important of these events was the creation of Mt.Gox, which served as reference pricing of online currency to the suspension of transactions in 2014. If a trader had bought bitcoins worth $ 1,000 before the opening of the exchange, when a bitcoin was trading at $ 0.8 today day would be a millionaire. Opposes the same investment in the S & P 500 that would have made a profit, excluding dividends, of $ 2,500.

Monday’s ‘Regret’ chart! USD 1000 Invested in #bitcoin in July’10 is now worth more> USD 35 million, Compared to 2500 for the S & P 500.

– jeroen blokland (@jsblokland) 22 maig 2017

This fact contributes, of course, the sharp appreciation experienced by the virtual asset and that has led him to overcome the barrier of $ 2,200 on May 22. Several factors have contributed to the ciberdivisa has soared 61% so far this month, from $ 1,344 to which it was exchanged between late April and early May. In addition, the recent record is a digital currency revaluation of 100% so far this year and 125% from the March lows at $ 895. Market capitalization has soared to nearly 33,000 million.

The growing political uncertainty, coupled with progress in regulating the use of bitcoin in countries like Japan, Russia, Brazil and China, have boosted the online currency to these levels that now exceed the highs of gold, reached in September 2011, slightly above $ 1,920. The appreciation of the currency, only last week has been 12%, amid political storm unleashed over the presidency of Donald Trump in the US and its ties with Russia.

But the main impetus has come from Japan, with Korea, currently monopolize almost 50% of the world market in this asset. The cause must be sought in the legal change of status received in the Japanese country where bitcoin is now considered a legal tender. In addition, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has announced it is reconsidering the negative than in mid-March gave traded fund bitcoins of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss twins, who would be the first ETF of these characteristics.


The growing interest in the market of online forex has left others far more dramatic increases in coins as etherum, which has doubled in price in just one month, to more than $ 180 in some exchange houses, or ripple, a centralized currency for using large banks, which has appreciated 1000% in the same period.

And not just here, according to the coinmarketcap buyer, the total market capitalization of more than 78,000 online currencies million this May 22 and bitcoin now accounts for less than 50% of this volume, when a month ago represented 80%.


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