The bitcoin rally: cryptocurrency exceeds $ 4,000 (infographic)

The bitcoin rally: excede cryptocurrency $ 4,000 (infographic)

The rally bitcoin , the most popular criptodivisa, has been spectacular  in recent days  and has grown to over US $ 4,000 . A rise that occurs just after the civil war that has seen the virtual currency and ended with the creation of Bitcoin cash .

The Bitcoin has gone from trading at $ 2,700 to hit $ 4,300 (17 August 2017) in just three weeks, a rise of 350% in just weeks . Currently, the criptodivisa trading at $ 4,018, which allows you to earn a profit of 50% so far in August.

As shown in the graph of Statista , the evolution of digital currency has soared in the last year and far exceeds the value of gold, the precious metal is currently trading at level of $ 1,300.

As he noted Sunday El País , “the price of virtual currency stringing maximum technical advances driven by speculative motives and the impression that their role will be increasingly relevant” .

The recent split in two currencies seems to have given wings to Bitcoin to spray their highs. This division has occurred after the community approved a new version of software that supports the criptodivisa, called SegWit2x . This can increase the speed of operations of Bitcoin.

Apart from the evolution of bitóin, Spain is the fourth country in the world with more than Bitcoin ATMs , 27 in total. Just ahead of the UK (47 ATM), Canada (135) and EE. UU. (554).



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