The best options broker (2/3) – genxfxtrader

The best options broker (2/3) – genxfxtrader

Good afternoon,

IW Bank tried to
disembark here a few years ago, but the idea did not catch on .

A few months ago I asked a demo account and did not answer.


Hello paquito, I guess now you
have resolved the issue.

I operate with R4 for two years and I’m happy.

Before we begin, I read a review about disconnections or execution of garnatías, but I have not had any problems. 0.2 1.05 + fees MEFF (which itself has a min 2 €)


Greetings, I’ve already operating several months with one called HIROSEUK

I chose it
because it does not require having a minimum in the account, plus I can make deposits dsd $ 20, baratísimo.

No other brokes that forced me to put 100 or $ 200 each time you make a deposit qeria.

I found in another forum to
review this broker.

I leave you here if anyone is interested.


About Hirose UK

is a broker who lives Japanese origin in Europe trading foreign exchange (Forex) regulated by the Authority Financial Conduct (FCA) in
the UK and the Financial Services Agency Japanese government .

Hirose UK is a subsidiary based in the UK one of the most successful forex companies of Japan, Hirose Tsuyo, established in 2004 and is among the top 10 brokers winners in the Asian nation.
It provides multiple platforms to more than 120,000 customers worldwide, with a total transaction of $ 90 thousand million per month in Forex.

In addition to binary options, it provides accounts to trade in the forex market, trading foreign currencies and benefit from changes in currency prices.

Types Customer: Spanish Live Chat, Email, SKYPE

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian

Minimum deposit: 20 dollars or Euros

Account Minima : no minimum

quantity Trade Minimum: 5 $ in forex, 1 $ Binary Options

bonus: no deposit bonus 10 $, 50% bonus your deposit

Withdrawals: Less than 72 hours

Free Demo Account

Regulacion: Regulated FCA England

Deposit Methods: Neteller, Debit card, Credit, Bank transfer, Skrill,

Trading on Smartphones and Tablets

types of platforms

offer two platforms for FOREX:

metetrader 4 and LION TRADER

binary options

offer the possibility of operating this product since only 1 $.

There are options for up to
30 minutes and allow close positions up to 3 minutes before the end of the timeout.

Other comments

best thing about this BROKER is that there is
no minimum deposit, as in others, it forces you to deposit a minimum quantity to operate; From only $ 20 you can start.

It is regulated by the FCA and has segregated accounts, which says a
lot in its favor.

I use two brokers;

Rent4 for Spanish stock options (just make movements, being covered options) … and pledging action to eliminate custodial fees, and obtain guarantees on these actions, with which I operate options.

Interactive Brokers Group for shares and options out Eurex (a third cheaper part in commissions, and better information, both Greek, as account- including guarantees and position minute)

platform, TWS, and input … and if it
seems complicated this broker, here are some vewinars complete any doubt 
Well after affaire Interdin, use the platform AvaOptions

Good afternoon,

do you know any broker to operate with options on shares in USA? I’m looking for but can not I find one interesting.

Thank you very much!

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