The bag a day: France’s PMI continues to disappoint. Analysis of Carrefour – genxfxtrader

The bag a day: France’s PMI Continues to disappoint. Analysis of Carrefour – genxfxtrader

There were many changes in Friday’s session and macroeconomic reference data for today are the PMI and the trade balance in Europe . To all this, Carrefour has bought 127 stores disbursing 2 billion with institutional partners. Today we look at Carrefour. 

Carrefour out shopping. Together with a group of institutional investors buy 127 stores for a price of more than two billion euros, which will give more control over their hypermarkets in the retail trade, greater market power. Klepierre SA has purchased operating in France, Spain and Italy. According to Klepierre this sale will have a minimal impact on the current account of the company (which was up 1.1% on Friday), while Carrefour has not moved virtually bag.


The MACD is cut down, the price is apoyándos on the MM50 and medium – term trend is bullish. Support area see it in the 26 / 25.3 € while the strength I see in the area between 30.5 and 31.20 in the short term. 

If you lose the MM50 could go to support the support area, whereas if you keep the MM50 continue the uptrend on the guideline.


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