Social trading and collective wisdom – genxfxtrader

Social trading and collective wisdom – genxfxtrader

Internet has revolutionized the way we do business at all levels, connecting thousands  of millions of people around the world , breaking the barriers of time and distance. It has unleashed a tsunami of information that gives us unlimited access to information and  knowledge, which was unthinkable even 20 years ago. This revolution in  communications is challenging many of the traditional monopolies, promoting the  opening up to competition and giving people much more freedom of choice.
Another way in which the Internet has transformed the lives of people is through  social media. A large number of people have welcomed sites like  Facebook, Twitter and other multiuser platforms, using them to get in  touch with people located anywhere on the planet. 
The world has become the size of a handkerchief when thoughts , film clips or  comments become viral. 

Anyone with a mobile phone can
transfer content to contacts or friends  at the same instant , regardless of location, potentially reaching  millions of recipients. A hundred years ago, the news could take months to reach  some parts of the world; whereas now they reach the whole world in a matter of  seconds.
One of the industries that has undergone the biggest changes due to  the impact of the Internet is the Financial Services and stockbroking. This world  previously closed, was dominated by professional investors and brokers  who maintained strict control over the markets. The online trading and investment has  opened world markets for anyone who simply possesses a  internet connection and a minimum amount of funds to invest. A large number of independent investors are overlooking the intermediation of brokers  traditional opening their own investment accounts, embracing financial freedom,  flexibility and independence that online trading offers.
The proportion of investments by independent investors still represents  a fraction of the thousands of millions of dollars traded daily by brokers  in the forex markets in the world , but the good news is that this proportion is  growing every year. Adults of all ages, social origin and nationality are  investing in securities, stocks, commodities, indices, bonds, ETFs, ADRs and all types of  financial instruments.
A phrase we hearing a lot in recent years refers to “Wisdom  Collective”. What is this concept in short words?  It is a theory that is at the heart of the new online trading revolution itself:  “The Social trading”. Even in a rapidly evolving industry, the success of Trading  Social has taken many experts by surprise and is leaving many of the great  sites very nervous trading.
The Social Trading is a recent phenomenon that combines media communication style  social and sharing of information, along with high – tech investment online. Think in terms of a trading platform that works similarly to an account  of Facebook which also can display strategies and movements of other  traders, converse with them, seek and share advice online and even copy their  operations.

Online trading becomes a
transnational company markets  open trading 24 hours 5 working days of the week . A trader located in Buenos  Aires can now follow online the evolution of Asian markets, while  investing in shares of first order in the US and simultaneously monitors the  performance of Ger30 and FTSE100. Social Trading leverages the wisdom of crowds to  gather millions of people around the world and encourages them to share their knowledge  and insights, generating a better collective result. 
It is possible to quickly and easily from other traders learn and adopt their strategies for  trading. Due to openness and transparency in Social Trading (and the Internet in general),  it is virtually impossible for people to deceive or bragging about their skills  investment.

eToro is was one of the
pioneers in building a community based Social Tradingbecoming one of the market ‘s leading platforms, forming one of the largest  active communities in Social Trading since 2007 . The site expanded rapidly  developing its own technology to meet the opportunities and challenges that  Social Trading was creating. eToro community has an estimated 5 million traders from over 140 countries and is taking off in Latin America and other countries speaking  Spanish.
The trading platform eToro allows direct communication between  investors who can create watchlists, share information on their profiles and  set up your accounts to automatically copy to other investors, determining  how much money you want to assign. An innovative program Investors are also offered  Popular granted a second income to those social Traders to be copied  by others – and of course, follow the terms and conditions of the portal.
If you want to learn about social trading, we suggest you sign the webinar:  What is the social trading and how it works? 

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