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Numantia Heritage Global (4/16) – genxfxtrader

Yesterday news agency published Reuters that Trump will
leave the Nafta free trade agreement in Canada, USA and Mexico

two fears: one that Trump is out of NAFTA, although it
is only your trading strategy and then improve conditions or to sign bilateral agreements . On the other hand, the rumor that China will stop buying americanod bonds, so rose slightly types yesterday, causing suffering to infrastructure companies and real estate, but today China has denied this , and in any case would not affect as much as It is believed. A greeting.

Hello Emeritus,

Will we could explain what are
the reasons that has been invested in Unibail-Rodamco and Henkel AG are?

Thank you very much.

Emeritus Hi, 

I understand to open a fund needed € 3 million within one year.
How long is the year to meet? What if 3M under management are not reached within that time?

Thank you very much

minimum applies 3 million to a fund as a whole.
As the R4 multi -manager fund compartments, the minimum is 600,000 euros per compartment. The R4 multimanagement has 11 compartientos. This information is detailed in the audit of the fund published in the cnmv

Rinsing, thank you

Eurofins Scientific, the most profitable in the last 20 years European action.
The strategy is clear: + growth niches. Each acquisition is nothing more valuable to buy into your network and focus on the most common laboratory tests each.

Numantia updated Global Equity Portfolio

Being two of the new semester, I will
explain in detail in the February letter. The segment of industrial adhesives Henkel is the most interesting for the benefit / cost to the customer on key issues. For Unibail has to do with the undervaluation of Class A commercial real estate in major cities with high population density.

Why is it that your management and communication form reminds me of 
True Value ?

And for
the record that I say as a alago both efforts.

With managers like you sleeping quiet.



No, we do not cover currency, I recover here our reflection on the topic you can find in our first semester letter of August 2017. Overall we believe that now the euro is overvalued, and that could be a tailwind 2018, unlike what happened in 2017, but investment decisions are
not changed on that basis:

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