Mexican peso exchange rate (MXN) (15/18) – genxfxtrader

Exchange rate Mexican peso (MXN) (15/18) – genxfxtrader

The foreign exchange market has been quite reassured in recent days, the Mexican Peso see it already in 16.67, 3.85 BRL (see 4.25 ), Turkish Lira TRY, 2.95, (since 3075).

PEN and COP also strongly appreciated.

While we did not feel the market with so few nerves.

The peso has led to strong support zone, at
least September 2015, 16.36 . It feels strong, but from current levels likely rebound until at least the 16.50.


One consequence of the appreciation of the dollar against the Mexican peso is that it has limited leakage consumers on the northern border. This has served to offset partially the losses recorded trade sector approval of VAT from 11% to 16%.

Despite depreciation, the population of middle and upper class continues to
acquire products in the United States for a supply problem. Why? This is because there are items that are not found in Mexico and Mexican consumers are forced to buy in the United States.

How much has depreciated?
Between August 2014 and December 2015, the accumulated exchange rate depreciation of 20%.

Yes, it has depreciated by 20%, but the street is not noticing a shift of inflation, which had been normal.

Logically imported into USD, products are more expensive, but the rest as events in Europe and the rest of Latam is at similar levels as the fx between these countries is very even.

In the north has always been to buy the United States, and goes and goes, it is cultural, the Mexican likes to
go shopping in the big outlets, it costs more aircraft than buy … but as I said is Cultural, like and will continue to be , in Mexico today can buy virtually the same as in the US, more expensive things, but as I said on the trip will benefit.

Gentlemen know somewhere in Mexico City to buy pesos with good exchange rate, in a
few days I ‘ll be out there and I’ll need cash.

led euros.

thank you very much

At the airport, finished 1 you the overpay.

18:15 They are now on the market, you certainly the pagan 18.50 or so ….
and USD are on the other hand, purchases and 3% by debnajo market price.

…… Imagine,. but take advantage of it .

In operations or retail shop, the dollar sold about 17.07 pesos.
The data published in the United States are contributing to subtract force the dollar in the international context.

While the dollar spot operates at 16.77 units to
the sale, this means for weight an advance of 0.09 percent.

The Mexican interest rates presented, favorable to back 03 basis points (bps) on average weekly closures, noting that major adjustments were raised in long – term instruments.

The behavior of local rates, although it
was not without ups and downs, was favored by disclosure of the minutes of the Federal Reserve and IMF comments which favor Mexico in other emerging events that offset the increased appetite risk among investors.

appreciation of the Mexican currency was derived mainly from information about the growth of Mexico, better than expected.

Weight had a strong return of 0.99% trading at levels 16.517MXN / USD.
The DXY index, which measures the dollar against its major counterparts rose 0.56% weekly. The Euro depreciated -1.18% ending at € 1,065 USD / EUR. Comments by Sura Asset Management Day intraday Operating with CMC Markets 18:00 – Valencia: Tools required to generate an efficient plan Trading – Valencia 17:00 – Bilbao: XTB Trading Day Bilbao 18:00 – Madrid: operating in an environment derivative portfolio management strategies 18:00 – Barcelona: operational CFDs and investment opportunities in the US 16:00 – Madrid: Day intraday operating with CMC Markets 17:00 – Online: ¿ using the RSI correctly? The perfect oversold 17:00 – Online: Trading in Forex and Commodities 18:30 – Online: Trading in real time on the USD / JPY and GPB / USD 12:00 – Online: Learning to detect change in trend figures 17: 00 – Online: [STREAMING] XTB Trading Day Bilbao

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