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Yes great news that Argentina has taken the step toward change, and leave behind the Kirchnerismo stage, which has left ruin this great country …

There are many interesting Argentine companies, and many more that can go public, if little little capital market and its economy recovers … hopefully leave this in the future:

Other news indeed for the hope of another country that has a lot to improve is Venezuela, where the opposition has just won the parliament.

Hopefully soon these countries are examples of reconstruction after nefarious stage … South America needs them …

an S2 compy

PD: “Socialism fails when they run out
of money … of others”. Margaret Thatcher

In Argentina there is
a cancer, called Peronism.

The biggest problem you will face Macri, is not economic, Peronism continues to govern others who are not Peronists, as happened on other occasions, and is a major risk, sabotage from within, using pickets, strikes, roadblocks ..etc.

Apropos of all the suffering inflicted by populism / Peronism Argentina ‘s
population, the article “bring” it wrote in the year 2008 the Bolivian politician Jose Brechner who served as national deputy and ambassador and describes how the “political” Argentine (and citizens who voted before just until eleciones November 29 that ended up throwing away the populist Peronists his armchair) have managed to collapse Argentina in all respects, and that collapse began brewing with the settlement of any hint of values and ethical and moral principles that made it impossible to live with dignity in Argentina and this led to the collective thought the majority of the population “or toil or you shit hunger” watching his “political class” were stealing everything in your face undisguised .

“Argentina is the Third World people who think they are the first world”

Argentina has no future – José Brechner – former Congressman and Ambassador of Bolivia.

Today Argentina is the most dramatic of the continent fiasco.
This fact shows that are not only educated people that generate progress and development of a nation, but the system used to achieve economic progress is as important to the erudition of its inhabitants. Europeans under communist rule were not stupid or ignorant, but they were ruthlessly poor.

While nations with high instructive and ethical standards tend to
become more successful than those without these attributes, work is better paid and taxes better distributed, in societies where economic freedom is unrestricted, and the government does not meddle in business people.

The Argentina not only chose the wrong economic path, but lacks ethical principles.
He was carried away by the angurria of power and money, trampling the values that make a decent society. For reencauzarse, needs at least 20 continuous years of political and economic coherence, smooth, under the rule of law. With its current rulers and the ghost of Peronism, the mission is impossible. Peron not end up burying him, and when living in the past is no place for the future.

Government management tactics follow a caudillo hereditary cancer.
Queen Christina agreed in command without afforded to one newspaper interview or a debate with his opponents. Just he sat on the throne to show off their outfits famous designers, never dressed twice. From January to date popularity has declined from 56 percent to 19.9 percent.

Kirchner has not a single merit or virtue, nor any ability to manage a country.
His parody of Evita, brings out his aggressive style of populist piquetera whenever utters a word. If it is also true that it is manic depressive, it can lead his country to a catastrophe worse all the Argentine people suffered.

Cristina came to power distributing money sent from Venezuela by his good friend Hugo Chavez, taking advantage of the machinery of government manipulated by her husband.
It is surrounded by shady characters. Former guerrillas, terrorists and kidnappers, now turned into socialist bourgeois kleptomaniac. Since it took office did nothing positive, nor can it do so. Extorting still the only ones that buoyed the country: farmers.

In almost two centuries Argentina has failed to
become a significant exporter of any items with high added value. Thanks to his brash and incompetent rulers, continues depending on the field. The optimists who 40 years ago wanted to create a respectable industry or commerce, are now worse off than when they started.

The figures indicate that 26.9 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.
According to the Index of Economic Freedom, Argentina is ranked 108 among 157 countries (Chile is at number 8, Uruguay and Peru in 40 in 55). 150 nations banking Argentina occupies the site 149.

Argentina is the Third World with well –
dressed people and beautiful face.

The garbage – filled city streets resemble some African cities.

– Shanty towns expanded the center.

– Crime and insecurity are rooted.

– Environmental pollution is choking.

– Bureaucracy is insufferable.

– Services are terrible.

– And the list is long.

In the last half century Buenos Aires virtually no modernized. Any Latin American city shows comparatively greater development.

The Argentina international map disappeared completely.
The only Latin American countries that have in the world are Brazil and Mexico, whom Argentines looked from above. Chile, Peru and Uruguay are moving towards a promising future. Argentina has no future.

José Brechner

former deputy and Bolivian ambassador.

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