Liquidity and solvency of Spanish banks – genxfxtrader

Liquidity and solvency of Spanish banks – genxfxtrader

Another important advantage is Fernan2ha noted that the model of retail banking allows banks greater control over the resources of their customers.
So when they have abandoned stocks or mutual funds banks lose management fees, but not the money that remains in the same bank deposits or other products, generating other committees. They can also take advantage of these resources customers to place their own debt, as they have been doing so far with great success.

Agreeing to disagree broadly in the set.

The Trojan horse of Spanish banks is the Billet and property sector. Mainly focused on lending to real estate developers and other companies related in some way the housing market.

Mortgages are less so since you respond personally or guarantors.

It is true that the big banks seem to be “decently”

The big problem is going to give in savings.

We are already seeing the pufo of CCM. And Unicaja wants to start 1000 million to keep it.

Let’s see how many more boxes are like this. But the black holes in these little boxes I think we can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of millions of euros (think that CCM is a medium-sized box and has already seen a pufo about 3000 or 4000 €).

At least as I see it not all banks are equal and all have done just as well.


Hello both,

I think that says fernan2 on funds and actions is a very small percentage, and if it is true that being a banking deposits, has a greater ability to clean up balance sheets.

If it is true that the big problem is loans to real estate and non-performing loans less the average citizen

But keep in mind that they have done 4 or 5 auctions, and values ​​around 4,000 million euros in each auction.

Also, I commented on the post, that these real estate losses are already provisioned in the balance.

So between the two, I think they have no fear big banks but if the boxes is the delinquency rate of the average citizen, and the unemployment rate are attacked mercilessly with all economic sectors.

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