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Javier Acosta Llera

manager, executive or legal representative.

Related companies: 7. Number of positions: 12.Actividades related businesses: Real Estate Development

Intermediaries of trade in Various

Other lending activities

Other financial services, except insurance and pension funding nec

Other Activities Management Consultancy

Advertising Agencies

. provinces of related companies: Madrid. .

This turkey has to be rotten pasta, let’s take the Mercedes, the house, the apartment, everything, and we’ll stay with 7 companies, I am left with the investment in forex and futures mini sp, because I will control the risk to at least not lose or gain more than they give banks, neither automatic nor anything robots, you should let your eyes on the monitors to get profitability and not leave it to slot machines, which just failing, I I am among those who have to operate in real time does not leave open operations at night, on the subject of gap and if one day be closed in lost operation closes that’s why there are stop, which can not leverage lot and instead of going on the trend of thought will turn around and let your shirt.

An agreement in 2010 to manage your investment is increasingly guaranteed

and to end the year, has signed an agreement with London – based multinational ALPARI, one of the largest brokers worldwide.

By this agreement, S-Trade Spain, will
also use the MetaTrader platform (an electronic platform which is equipped with packages of technical analysis, with a wide variety of indicators and numerous drawing tools. Written in MetaQuotes Language 4, MetaTrader 4 allows users plan their trading strategies using an Expert Advisor or MT-4 EA) to manage the investments of its customers, ensuring profitability every day and the best results to investments, providing greater assurance to its customers.

Alpari (US), LLC Financial Institution (Broker) since 2007 offers services for buying and selling foreign currency or the
counter FOREX spot. The mission of Alpari (US), LLC is offering its customers a forex trading system, advanced and reliable with high quality execution, competitive spreads and margins purchase.

With his extensive experience in the most creditworthy markets globally, S-Trade Spain with more than 10 years in the industry supports its prestige and strengthens daily its image in the Spanish market with a continuous improvement of its resources and systems.

In 2010 S-Trade Spain has opened new offices in our country, updating its technology, both software and hardware to ensure and provide greater flexibility to your system.
Hiring new developers has also ensured this year the closeness and advice to customers, strengthening the guarantees liability insurance more adapted to current investments.

In all, S-Trade Spain has achieved a 12 –
month period more personalized attention and greater confidence in its procedures by their customers.

Call toll free: 900100323 for consultation and contracting.

For more information:

S-Trade Spain

C / Juan Hurtado de Mendoza nº 13 3º 9

28036 Madrid

Tel .: 915158447

anyone know speak good English would not be wrong to
call or send an e figuring out what really happened, and if it is true that are in this broker, I guess you have several locations, Switzerland, London, USA,

Alpari NZ Limited is a company established under the laws of New Zealand.
Has the registered number 2193139 (the state of the Company can be checked on the website of Regisrador of commercial enterprises:

Company that is part of the Alpari group of companies is working since 1998. The Alpari group of companies is one of fastest developing suppliers serving in Forex markets and internet trading. Services are provided to several private customers as well as corporations. Alpari has 27 offices in 8 countries, monthly trading volume exceeded 75 trillion US dollars. Alpari pursues objectives to be not only a leading international Forex broker (FX broker), but also a world – class company with its offer of financial intsrumentos amlpia band. The main offices of the Alpari group are in Moscow, London, New York, Shanghai, Dubai, Mumbai, opening another office in Tokyo is also expected. The number of trading accounts registered exceeds 130000.

Alpari attaches great importance to companies forming part of the group meet the legislative requirements of the country of registration, that the laws governing the services provided are observed. Alpari-Broker (Russia) has licensed securities broker, Alpari Emirates obtained permission from the Department of Economic Development, Dubai.

All commercial operations run by clients on the Internet, allowing the marketing firm Alpari NZ Limited which serve customers located in different countries. Payments for services performed by the Company wire transfers from bank cards or via the Moneybookers and WebMoney electronic systems. The Company establishes practices to prevent deposits of doubtful or illegal origin, carrying out financial monitoring and never accept third party payments or withdraw funds to third parties. This is clearly explained in non-commercial operations Regulations published on the websites of Alpari. The Risk Disclosure as another binding document accepted by customers explains the volatile and speculative investments in currency markets or other offered instruments (derivatives on shares or assets such as energy, metals and agricultural products).

Thank you for your interest in Alpari NZ Limited!

General information

Type Broker: NDD

Joined: KROUFR

Year Founded: 1998

Home Forex operations: 1999

Languages website: Spanish, English, Arabic, Russian and Chinese

languages support: Spanish, English, Arabic, Russian and Chinese

Trading data

Minimum deposit: 1 USD

Leverage max. 500: 1

Spread: from 0.5 pip

Account Types: alpari.micro, alpari.classic, alpari.pamm, Alpari.Pro

demo account: If the demo account opening allowed

Payment systems:

The broker is quite powerful, possibly have a problem moneybooker is a payment system for quick transfer between broker and accounts, I understand that some companies have had problems blocking by moneybookers could be that they are asking for documentation to verify provenance money, or is locked money but not lost is not the same, we need to find out if they have no liquidity block system or that of 6millones euros were managing have fallen to 0, are different things, see if someone figures out something else.

hello I am valence oto you could send me information, and that we must do together.
I have a lawyer, but if we all together will be better, my lawyer says civil application is made to be a paid loan.

We kept in touch

and if you
have so much money because they pay ?, I see that you control forex, that’s your job?

Well I’m at it, I have
no other choice but to learn in financial markets, because as I am currently in the fucking unemployment, because in my house with small screens to work from 7 in the morning to prepare the opening of Frankfurt and London, which it is where most of the forex moves, I swear I never I’ll give my dough to useless, I myself invest my money, and I will control I risk diversificandolo very well, and not all the money in one broker or bank, not put all eggs in one basket ..

Good morning, I’m still collecting emails, the last one
of Nuria1930. We now have a group of 23 people.

We ‘ll wait before doing anything to the meeting this week in Madrid with some fellow lawyer ADICAE, to see that we recommend and see the legal feasibility of this matter.

Greetings fellow.

If not recuperasemos money, hopefully all the money you have to spend those responsible in medicine, if we lose money, at least we still eating every day and you
can open the tap and out potable water, which there are countries that do not know what it is to open a tap and water comes out, we must be optimistic, and there is a saying that if you fall, get up, that the greatest fortunes before becoming rich have ruined a couple times. ENCOURAGEMENT AND THEM THAT they ARE FEW AND FUNKY,

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