How to bring money to Spain from another country? – genxfxtrader

How to bring money to Spain from another country? – genxfxtrader


My sister works in China and wants to bring money to a Spanish account

Your question is whether the Treasury is going to claim something for that money, if you can transfer the amount you want at once or according to amount transferred hacienda going to claim

that money is payroll his winning for his work there in China, so she pays taxes for that money earned

Many thanks in advance


for a simple transfer regardless of
amount (to split into pieces is a fraud because it does not change the origin) because you can prove that the origin is not illegal or borrowed money to finance and brings because of work there.

No tax, if there is
no profit.

Freedom of capital is freer than people with money are all facilities, while people seem to bother.

It has now spoken of limits on cash payments, but does not apply to individuals who are not autonomous.

To enter capital in Spain are always welcome and would have to find out
if China puts controls or limits puts out

is sad that Spaniards to emigrate there to find a decent job.

Vetusta Morla – Copenhagen



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Buenas, sebasmary.

If your sister is taxed on its profits (either in China or Spain) have no problems with finances;
it may be that by making the declaration of the year after you have repatriated money, making requests information on the origin of capital and all you have to do is provide the documentation required by the tax agency.

Regarding the transfer should not have problems in the Spanish bank to do the transfer, but has prepared documentation justifying the origin of the money, it can ask for
documentation to support the legality of money because of the law of capital controls.

I leave information from different sources in which you indicate the limits in exchange for euros yuan, how to make transfers, …

Consulate of Spain in Guangzhou


The monetary and banking system in China
The official currency of PR China is the Renminbi (RMB or popular or village currency) also known as Yuan.
The yuan is divided into 10 Jiao which in turn are divided into 10 fen, the latter of very little use for its low value. There tickets 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 yuan addition of 5, 2 and 1 jiao. For fear of counterfeit notes no great value, so it is usual to make payments with lots of 100 yuan bills, for payment in cash is still widely practiced in the country.
The official exchange rate of the yuan against the euro is available daily in the Official Gazette, which, despite economic fluctuations and the impact of the crisis, has been maintained stable and stands at the moment around 8 yuan per euro.
Since June 2010, it has seen a gradual but steady appreciation against the dollar that puts you right now around 6 yuan per dollar.

Banking system

No Spanish bank branches in Guangzhou.

There is no problem in opening current accounts at the Bank of China, which offers a type of checking account in which all kinds of currencies supported.
There is also no problem to open accounts in major banks such as ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), Merchant’s, ABC (Agricultural Bank of China), …. Just worth noting that the day one dedicated to the opening of the account must give up as lost due to the huge amount of documents to be completed and signed and, of course, should be accompanied by a translator if not perfectly read Chinese, because all documents are drawn up as a rule only in that language.

No trade in euros or dollars are accepted, though not a problem since they can be exchanged at any bank.
In this sense, it is not advisable to change money on the street under any circumstances, it abounds counterfeit money in circulation. The use of credit cards is not as widespread as in Spain and are not accepted in some restaurants and small shops. Instead, there is widespread use of debit cards.


bank transfers to Spain

There is no such problems when making transfers to Spain from or to the Bank of China. Yes it could happen, however, that when making a transfer to Spain, the Chinese branch put a maximum limit to issue. This limit could be daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the type of account.

An eminently practical page;
SAPORE DI CINA, practical information about traveling and living in China

China bring money

If you’ve saved some money in China and want out of the country, you
‘ll first have to change some currency international course. The Yuan is not an internationally accepted currency so it is difficult for foreign banks will trade him and transfers are not accepted in this currency.

However, as a
foreigner you have restrictions on the amount of Yuan you can switch to another currency without justification, 500 dollars per day and 15,000 a year.

If you have worked legally and have paid your taxes you can avoid these restrictions by
showing your passport, work permit, employment contract and certificate of tax payment. This will allow you to repatriate up to 50% of your income in China (90% for corporate profits).

Another solution to change this money without `bureaucratic problems is to ask a Chinese citizen who make the change for you (they have far fewer restrictions).

The other option, especially if you intend to return to China, is to use the card Union Pay abroad, since it is becoming more accepted abroad and in many ATMs outside China is already possible to
withdraw cash. Obviously this option is only recommended when you live in China and leave the country for a while or the amount of money you want to move is relatively small.

All major Chinese banks have websites and online applications where to operate.
However, in order to make online transactions’ll first have to sign up for these services in the bank. Once you’ve discharged, they will lay down their passwords and a small pin that generates security codes needed to make transactions.

Signing up to the Chinese banking online will allow you to
make online payments on Chinese websites (Union Pay card can not be used alone), make transfers and other banking transactions.

Once you have obtained the keys and the code generator before you start using your online banking you should consider the following points:

Browser : The vast majority of websites in China are optimized for Windows browser, Internet Explorer. Very often the sites of banks and online payment errors are generated when other browsers are used. To avoid complications, simply use the Iternet Explorer to any online transaction.

Be careful because some of the new Windows operating systems include the Navigator Microsoft Edge (whose logo is almost identical to the Intrenet Explorer), this browser also usually cause problems, so make sure you’re using Internet Explorer and not the Microsoft Edge .
Please note that some banks do not work properly with Mac Safari, so if you experience problems you might want to install Windows on your Mac to do these operations.

In your case you do not have to change your money to $ but euros for the transfer to Spain.

Greetings repatriating money without legal problems.


Thank you for your help

in relation to the tax declaration, my sister has been working abroad (Germany, London, Singapore, Switzerland, China) so you never almost 20 years made income statement here in Spain, he would have to make in the case of bringing the money ??

Thank you very much again

Greetings are

not required to declare Spanish income tax if profits are generated only outside.


income tax  Spanish has only rationale, when income generated in Spain or bring cause here.

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Thank you for solving my doubts

these forums would be nothing without people like you

Thank you for the help


Hello good day!
I wonder if anyone can help. I am Mexican and soon will make the process of Spanish residence. My question is, I opened an account in Spain for the time as a tourist, in the processing of medical insurance in Spain, spending in Spain, etc. We are interested in buying an apartment, but we will not even have the residence. We are sending the money through transfers from bank to bank, we want to do everything right. I have to pay any taxes for this? The money is from selling property in Mexico and payroll.


In Spain there is
no work and what little there is precarious, people prepared races are leaving to France, England, Germany and across the Atlantic, there are values people and you can build your life in Spain is impossible and it will take many years to improve the situation, if it comes to improve.

You have data on how many end their careers and how they go out?

Of course it is deducing those who will extend their training in certain special universities, which is
going to result in an extension and complement their preparation. Today is very competitive and requires more preparation every day.

And that how it

In Spain I have not seen anything like it

To me it has not happened to
me and I guess the problem I have the awkward and invasive banking software and not the antivirus or firewall must ensure that the bank either has access to your computer, what it is no privacy or access data that we do not consent to besiege us with no spam and / or unauthorized advertising or condoned without permission.

It is sad to be used by banks or any company must consent to
all unlimited access to the mobile and / or computer to be remote – controlled, beleaguered and controlled without authorized consent, knowing by the customer who does not know what they are consenting with the excuse of technological giving “best service”.

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can not tighten our belt and get off pants while

good Hello, wanted to
ask, I live in Spain but I am not Spanish have my papers in order and all very well what happens is that I wants to give a family some money from Latin America to me so I can bring here to Spain, Are you going to charge something hacienda for it? That is Are there any fees or something for certain amounts?

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