How much does it cost to change a mistake on a plane ticket? (infographic)

How much does it cost to change a mistake on a plane ticket? (Infographic)

Confused when booking a ticket can be very expensive. For example, if the reservation does not match the ID, it can cost up to 160 euros in Spain. So it reflects a study of eBookers , who has compiled what they charge 22 airlines to correct errors or rename or holder . Ryanair is the company you get an error more expensive, 160 euros per passenger if the change is made at the airport counter or by phone. The cost of changing the name of the ticket varies from one airline to another and also depends on the type of contract rate.

“It certainly is a high difficult cost to understand for customers and if it involves management, airlines could make their systems at a lower price than some charge but most treat it as if issue had to return to a new ticket , “says Victor Oliva, head of Transport Destinia area .

Although there is still an unwritten rule that within domestic flights you can embark up to two letters confused on the ticket , the reality is that the controls are stricter in this regard and if the ticket holder and the identity document certifying no match, you can stay on the ground. Especially to certain destinations like the United States, where everything has to be in perfect condition. So the best advice is not to have trouble after checking your data when you book to make sure you are well.

Airlines charge for changing an error on an airline ticket

Changes can cost more expensive than the ticket as his own:

In the case of the low cost airline Ryanair , which, according to the study, costs the same fix errata to change the ticket holder. Yes, it is not the same if efforts are made until two hours before the flight the web ( euros 110 per passenger ) if the traveler wants to do it by phone or at the airport ( 160 euros , unless you call within the 24 hours, then it charges only 10 euros).  

In Vueling it is free to reverse the order of surnames or modify the second one by phone, for other charges: 50 euros each way + the difference in fare to make any change or correction from the web (unless you hired the Excellence rate , then only pay the difference in fare) and 50 euros if you call on the phone to change the first name .

In Volotea , the company low cost created by the founders of Vueling , corrections are free for up to two letters , but must be done by phone and within 24 hours of booking . To change the owner charges 40 euros if you make online or by phone and 50 euros from the airport to which should add the rate increase.

Norwegian Airways, also low – cost, no charges corrections , provided they are more than three letters . In case of change of name on the ticket or owner charges 55 euros each way – and 100 euros for international flights long distance- to do so from the web. If the phone is chosen or want to do from the airport, the cost rises to 57 euros and 102 euros, respectively. Except for customers of its rate Premium Flex and Flex that have this free service.

Traditional airline Alitalia charges 60 euros to change up to three letters -only can be done over the phone but does not allow changes or name or owner.

American American Airlines , 30 euros to change more than three letters (least it does for free).

The low – cost airline, easyJet , no charges for correct spelling errors but to change the ticket holder , although their rates are lower and vary depending on how far in advance it done. Thus, charges between 25 euros and 65 euros for making online changes to the name or change the name, depending on whether the flight in advance is more or less than sixty days. And the price goes up to 31 euros and 70 euros respectively if efforts are made by telephone.

In the low – cost Wizz and Transavia , rates are similar. In both it is free to make corrections of misprints. When changing the owner, the Hungarian Wizz charges 45 euros if done online and by phone 60, while the company of the Netherlands is priced at 50 euros each way plus the difference in fare.

Airlines allow free exchange error on a ticket

For the German airline Lufthansa correct an error of up to two letters for free. The same goes for Air Europa , which allows you to change up to three free letters, but if it is more, the company studies the case and decides whether it can be done or not. It is the same policy followed by the main airline of Portugal, Tap Air , and the national airline of Turkey Turkish Airlines . Only offer the possibility to request changes by phone.

In the case of Air France , errata fix a single letter is free, but you should consult the rest, all by phone. Its subsidiary KLM Royal Dutch Airlines , the leading airline of the Netherlands, has a policy that is free renaming the phone and up to 30 hours before the flight out. In Delta , US commercial airline based in Atlanta (USA) “minor” changes can be made online without cost.

Binter Canarias also change free access to three letters but major changes involve issuing a new ticket and refund subject to approval by the airline.

IAG airline group Iberia and British Airways , allow free change one letter but only by phone. Also , if there are changes (taxes, fuel surcharges, rate …), charge the difference.

Aerolínes that do not permit holder changes in airline tickets

Some airlines are stricter and does not allow holder changes or modify the name American Airlines, Emirates Neither allows corrections erratas-; AlitaliaBinter , Air France , KLM , Delta , Lufthansa , TAP Portugal , Iberia , British Airways , Air Europa, Qatar, Turkish Airlines and Smart Wings .




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