How Can You Start Trading On Forex?

You want to be a Forex trader – be your own boss, trade with currencies, earn a lot of money. The most natural question is, “Where should I start?”. We have prepared a simple answer for you! Below you will find a few steps that form the shortcut to financial freedom. Remember, for each step, it is a link that provides a clear explanation of what needs to be done.

  1. Register

In this step, a transaction will open an account and you will receive your password. You will also get a personal space where you can deposit the money you need to trade.

  1. Download the trading platform

Select the software that is right for you, download it, and log in. You will be connected to the Forex market!

  1. Discover the bases of Forex

What exactly is the process? With which currencies can you trade? When can you trade? We prepared a few short videos to answer your questions.

  1. Open your first position

Enjoy your first transaction! See for yourself how easy it is to open and close positions in Forex.

  1. Learn more about Metatrader

At this point, we recommend that you explore the transaction terminal in more detail and examine all the important features.

  1. Learn how to analyze the market

Once you know how to open your trades, you need to decide which transactions to open – buy or sell. Learn how to read price charts and understand economic news for this purpose.

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