Forex, market pulse (74/729) – genxfxtrader

Forex Market Pulse (74/729) – genxfxtrader

OCD forecasts are much more pessimistic than the government. A forecast of a 28% unemployment rate and negative growth rate of 1.7%. I hope these expectations will not be met.

The positive data is that Spain wins competitiveness and its trade balance is positive.
These data, in my opinion are not so positive because we have gained in competitiveness through job losses and not the technology or to improve the quality of the way we work. Regarding the trade balance exports have increased but less than the drop in exports.

What do you think? Are OCD forecasts will be met?

At the moment we indicate OCD through these events, I will not contradict overnight. Spanish as I am, I want to be as successful measures or indications of our Government of Spain.


Here’s a list of the main banks operating in Forex.
What opinion do you have about them?

Major banks operating in Forex

What do you think the currency pair USD / CAD? It has had a very positive development. It has opened a new forum to be opine on this subject

USD / CAD You make good time to invest or better to wait – forex

I have nothing against these banks, although always fully trusted agent sought.


Have you seen the NZD / USD?

The New Zealand dollar was up against the US dollar Monday, supported by upbeat manufacturing data published on Sunday China.
NZD / USD hit 0.7978 during late Asian trade, the session high, the pair subsequently consolidated at 0.7974, adding 0.35%. The pair was likely to find support at 0.7939. China is the second largest export partner of New Zealand.

Do you think that interested in investing in this pair of currency ?

The truth is that it’s a couple that I do not follow much, maybe Be Quick you can say anything sensible about what you say so …

From what I’ve read and seen, last week the crossing NZD / USD showed a sign of rebound the level 0.8080, which lost permanently.
At the moment, waiting to recover the level of 0.808 and watch as follows.

The dollar is taking a
lot of strength in the market of
currency , not whether the pair will make a downward turn.

Moreover, Eur / Usd up and maintained at the level of 1.300;
to waiting for new macro data that could move the market, and specifically to both
currency .

A greeting.

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