Forex, market pulse (721/729) – genxfxtrader

Forex Market Pulse (721/729) – genxfxtrader

The GBPUSD has had a good climb, but on reaching the 1.3600 is a good resistance and bounces to 1.3500. At the time the price has formed a kind of symmetrical triangle on the daily chart.

Q versus time has passed since the vote in favor of brexit but still not have saido forward, what provisions are expected this year?

The trend of EUR / USD could start to reverse in the coming weeks

after the movements yesterday at the
end of the American market with the Loonie by the announcement of the withdrawal of US NAFTA (Free Trade Agreement for North America), couple that affect you begin to show new signs. As you see?

AUDCAD with a possible change in trend to overcome the M150 in TimeFrame Journal and break the trend line.
Do we expect a pull-back confirmation ?. Volume, size and body daily candle were important

Outside the CAD, the EURJPY touched yesterday the floor of a rising channel in TimeFrame Journal in which it is gotten from August-17 and I think the rebound is an important opportunity, following the uptrend the pair to work on lower timeframes.

I hope your opinions.

Good trading.

“There is
no favorable wind for the boat does not know where he is going.”

A while now
I’ve started to follow the
Forex and you recognize a great job and something I caught up thanks to you. Thank you and I’m “listening”

Thanks Andreuz and I hope that the winds are favorable in the trades you.
A greeting.

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