Forex, market pulse (183/729) – genxfxtrader

Forex Market Pulse (183/729) – genxfxtrader

Crossing USD / UAH is the USD with the currency of Ukraine in a few days up 11% this drags assets downside risk to the risk that the conflict will more


hello felipenet a question I have: apart from the consequences for Russia, would have a direct consequence for the EUR and even the possible default of Ukraine? slaudos

I would say for the European stock markets before the energy dependence of Europe on Russia, for EUR more neutral for a reason the EUR is nourished by
the flow of capital and if such Asian central banks buy EUR or USD for being two
currency related trade globally, without forgetting the reverse correlaccion between the bags and the EUR / USD still maintaining

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mmmm … okay, now I see clearer.
Thanks Philip.

What we’re seeing this morning on the euro, Utrera answer your question.

Good trading to all !!!

It seems that we recover our cable this morning after yesterday had a significant decline from 1.6675 and reached 1.6615.
The figure for durable goods orders January seems to be the main driver of the pair and is currently at 1.6676 s what appears to be bullish in the short term. I see him looking for the 1.6688.

Greetings and Good Trading.

Beachero !!
I like fast and concise.

News with temporary negative consequences and a conflict that affects relatively (no mistake) to Europe, show that the E / U quira may climb higher still.

Since early February USDJPY has remained in a narrow range today was no different and still

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