Forex, market pulse (139/729) – genxfxtrader

Forex Market Pulse (139/729) – genxfxtrader

Melocotonasesino Hello, I do not think anyone has much power, except the central banks to manipulate the Eur / Usd. I sincerely believe that the market is changing again and will “assume” the withdrawal of QE.

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would last whatever they want central banks.
data that have been published are not real and are all disguised liquidity so that market movements are not reasonable. better to be out of the market, I think.

The market has to assimilate and is assimilating the old Europe was not so doomed to be
broken or the crisis of the PIGS.

In my opinion it
is not good to have sudden changes to improve confidence in the real economy, but very faint.

Especially central banks shall ensure that the transitions or changes are not as traumatic and someone wants to
take advantage.

I prefer not to
think about conspiratorial terms and if necessary tranquility. even boring for others but necessary for international trade.


The Doha Round at the WTO clears:

Agreement WTO will
benefit world economy: IMF

The treaty will
reduce tariffs and accelerate the passage of goods through customs, besides giving more
options subsidies farmers in the poorest countries

director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, said today that the agreement reached by the members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Bali will be beneficial to global economic growth.

Lagarde expressed support for
the Director General of the WTO, Roberto Acevedo, and appreciated their determination to seize the opportunity to advance the Doha agenda and overcome the “significant challenges that lie ahead”.

This agreement “unprecedented reaffirms the commitment of the international community with an open trading system to stimulate global growth and jobs, and reduce poverty ,
” he said.

It is the first fully multilateral trade agreement in the nearly 20 –
year history of the WTO, founded in 1995.


Europe, although losing positions, still monopolizes much of international trade.

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can not tighten our belt and get off pants while

The market is digesting the European situation is improving (albeit with many patches by the ECB and injections of liquidity to peripheral) but certainly the
United States is making more efforts to maintain a healthy economy and revive all sectors. So all we’re missing reading is doing market
currency to good macro data published by the US.

Good good GDP data and employment data, which usually cause a sharp appreciation in the dollar are having the opposite effect.

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total working good data in the
US should lower the eur / usd will be waiting for the Fed meeting to be or not to be tapering and pull the euro under the strong euro it is not real and hurts Europe.


I think it’s a good time to be short because these levels are not real and when the market reflects reality, return to the
channel 1.34-1.33

But the
US is not only where they are manipulating the market. The Bank of Japan is a manipulator JPY usual in order to improve their imports. Injecting a great quantity of yen market, increases the supply of currency exceeded the level of demand and thus the asset price falls.

But I think that manipulation is
also done in secret and is virtually impossible to be able to anticipate such movements for one reason interest. To see how it affects Draghi’s speech and data from US retail sales to par, but as I say this uncertainty and changes in the natural tendency of torque, better to be outside because you never know how you will play the.

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