Forecasts: Euroyen 2015 and 2016

Forecasts: Euroyen 2015 and 2016

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The evolution of the Yen in the last quarter of the year was negartivo nuy. The onset of debilidqad was caused by the announcement of economic intervention by the BoJ. In the very short term, we do not think the trend will change and will continue to trade between 145/155. 2015, slightly adjust the estimates in the environment 145/155 (140/150 versus above). However, it is not decartable that punctually touch the level of 160. The latter is determined by the intensity of future QE. With regard to 2016, we set the new range in 150/160 (versus the previous estimate of 140/150).

In conclusion: the yen remains a moldable to support the development of the country’s economy variable. To the extent we do not see signs of improvement (consumption and international business), will continue the weakness of the yen. The intensity of this movement will be determined by the actions of the BoJ.


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