Forecasts: Eurodollar 2015 and 2016

Forecasts: Eurodollar 2015 and 2016

The dollar has appreciated somewhat forcefully against the euro throughout 2014 as a result of higher US growth against the weakness of EMU. In our view, this scenario decoupling of the American economy will continue over the next 2 years, so the depreciation trend of the euro will be consolidated once you start to materialize more clearly the different path they are taking the monetary policy of the ECB and the Federal Reserve.

In Europe, the ECB will keep interest rates at the current level of 0.05% over the next 2 years in order to reduce the risk of deflation. The slight increase in the CPI and the influence of low energy prices on inflation expectations cause they are at levels well below the ECB target. In addition, growth prospects point to a very slow recovery, so that the economy continues to need the ECB to ensure low costs of funding.

On the contrary, the first rate hikes the Fed will strengthen the dollar, so we estimate that the Eurodollar will be placed on a range $ 1.15 / $ 1.25 in 2015 and 1.15 / 1.20 US dollars to over 2016.

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