“Excess” in cryptocurrency? The ethereum exceeds 1,000 dollars and the dogecoin accumulates 1,000 million

“Excess” in cryptocurrency? The ethereum Exceeds 1,000 dollars and the dogecoin accumulates 1,000 million

The creator of this digital currency joke warning that the rise of 400% of this virtual currency “drawn with a dog” says much about the state of the market.

The ethereum leaves a milestone above $ 1,050 and accumulated 100,000 million. After the rally, the ripple correct but keeps the second place by market capitalization and remains above 3 dollars.

The ‘crypts’ are on track to initialling the first week of 2018 with new milestones and a cumulative total of more than 1,300 existing well established tokens over 750,000 million. The trend that dominated the virtual assets in the last days of December has been extended in the new year and shows that investors feel appetite for ‘altcoins’ while the bitcoin consolidates the roller coaster price of December around 15,000 dollars and accounts for a percentage of the total of just one third when usually their dominance was 50%.

The relative calm of Queen of criptoactivos has spurred other currencies encryption as ethereum or ripple recent records have left. Forex based on smart contracts ( ‘smart contracts’) platform has made history over $ 1,000 and has also raised its value above 100,000 million. Yet still he is taking bronze on the podium currency market encryption accumulated since the ripple has jumped to second place this week. In just 15 days, the platform token San Francisco RippleNet network has tripled its value and has come to trade above the $ 3.5 on Thursday.

However, the ripple undergoes a correction of more than 8% and barely keeps $ 3, while accumulating 120,000 million dollars His récrod is 140.000-. Pause more than reasonable since in the last 30 days, the so-called ‘criptodivisa banking’, whose main objective is to provide global solutions applied to the financial sector and allowing cross-border payments immediately, has appreciated 1,000%.


And the fever by CriptOS has given wings to other digital assets much more unusual. Dogecoin is the case, created as a parody currency, which reached 1,000 million market capitalization has soared 400% in the last month.

This turns all alarms experts and is another worrying signs that sends this market, along with other factors “such as the fact that there are investors who are mortgaged to buy bitcoins” says Alberto Muñoz Cabanes, professor at the UNED . “These are aspects that suggest that the rise of criptodivisas presents some features bubble” adds the expert.

Dogecoin the same founder, Jackson Palmer, who left the project in 2015, warning that the height of its cryptocurrency -generada as a joke in 2014 and inspired by a meme that featured a dog is a good example of the excesses of this market. “The fact that most of the discussions in the media about the criptomonedas focus on investment potential is worrisome because it diverts attention from the underlying technology and the objectives that this movement was based,” he lamented.

“I have great faith in the development team dogecoin and achieve maintain stable and secure software, but I think it says a lot about the state of space criptomonedas generally a coin with a dog, who has not released an update software in over 2 years is valued at 1,000 million dollars, “Jackson has added a critic.

THE SEC returns to the fray

In this context, it is not surprising that the Securities Market Commission US (SEC, for its acronym in English) has returned to warn investors of the “substantial risk” of losing the money invested in criptomonedas. In addition, he added that many promoters ICOS (criptomonedas emissions) and other participants in markets related to these currencies “are not following the law.”

In this sense, the ‘American CNMV’ emphasizes that when investors are offered and sold shares or other securities are entitled to benefit from state and federal laws on the stock market, which must be observed by vendors and participants From the market. “Unfortunately, it is clear that many promoters of ICOs and other stakeholders in markets related to criptomonedas investments are not following these laws,” says the supervisor.

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