Evolution of cryptocurrency value 2017 (infographic)

Evolution of cryptocurrency value 2017 (infographic)


The Bitcoin has become one of the financial assets of fashion in 2017 , thanks to its strong appreciation that has exceeded 1,000% . Despite the dizzying numbers of Bitcoin , there are another dozen criptomonedas that have risen more.

In spite of the Bitcoin has long been on the table, it was launched in 2009 to mercad or 2017 has been the year. The digital currency most famous, blockchain technology that underpins criptodivisa could be a revolution for the financial world , has risen by 1,318% last year.

As can be seen in this infographic Statista , fever Bitcoin has also been felt in other criptodivisas dozens of climbing even more than this. That is the case of Ripple , whose purchase price has soared 36,000% last year.

This digital currency , the Ripple , is known as the criptodivisa banks before the interest they have shown in it. In a short time it has become the second largest behind Bitcoin with a market capitalization of 82,000 million dollars. The Ripple trading currently near $ 2 , well below the $ 13,000 bitcoin.

After Ripple, Nem and burning are placed as the second and third criptodivisa most have risen in 2017. The first has appreciated nearly 30,000%, while the second has a 16,809%. Stellar (+ 14.441%) and Dash (+ 9,265%) close the top five climbs with individual spectacular advances.

Ethereum and litecoin , other of the two most famous digital currencies , are cast in this list. The first appreciation of 9.162% is recorded in 2017, while the second one 5046 advances%. Strong increases that have caused a debate about whether to open or not a bubble around the criptodivisas .

How many criptodivisas in the world?

At the end of 201 7 existed in the world about 1,335 criptodivisas or digital currency , a figure that grows every week before the birth of new digital currencies. One currency to remember that do not have the support of any government or central bank , positive point for defenders and detractors negative.

This criptodivisas thousand US dollars capitalized 572,000 million. To put this figure in context, these 1,335 digital currencies are worth almost as much as half of the gross domestic product of Spain or the value of Amazon.



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