Events & Finance | Alfredo Jiménez, professor of finance at Cunef, explains investment funds and currencies

Events & Finance | Alfredo Jimenez, professor of finance at Cunef, investment funds and currencies Explains

Giuseppe Tringali presents the second installment dedicated to financial education.

A space to meet and review the basics of the economy.

Second date in Events & Finance dedicated to a more didactic part of the economy, understanding its foundations and bringing financial education to ordinary citizens. In this second installment, Giuseppe Tringali has the estimable presence of Alfredo Jimenez, director of studies analyzing financial foundation, director of the Master in Finance in Cunef and professor of financial markets.

Both try to explain in a simple way, which are mutual funds and currencies. Talk a great start to end with basic keys that must take into account investors definitions.

Detailed and accurate, Giuseppe and Alfredo also analyze the complex world of currencies and their exchange rates and multicurrency loan.

Know who all the actors, brokers, speculators and currency determinants figures. Fundamental for those who want to invest in this model advice, Alfredo Jimenez maintains that we must be very aware to capital markets, and speculation.

Surely you’ve wondered many times what is the best place to change currency. This and other questions will be resolved in the the second space Events & Finance dedicated to financial education.

Without further ado, we leave you with this interesting conversation between Giuseppe Tringali and Alfredo Jimenez.

– What does the investor know when funds?

– What is a currency and exchange rate

– Should act with multicurrency loans?

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