Economic news: Doubts about the sustainability of the high prices of the US stock exchange – genxfxtrader

Economic News: Doubts About the sustainability of the high prices of the US stock exchange – genxfxtrader

Caixabank Research  brings us  economic news. Among the most notable events of the last week ( from 5 to 11 February ) we highlight the following: 

The business sentiment index (PMI) remains high,
which stood at 56.7 points at the end of January . The upturn in these indicators support the idea of a solid GDP growth for Q1 2018

The European Commission has again revised upwards the growth forecasts for the eurozone.
In this regard,
they consider that Europe in 2018 and 2019 will grow 2.3% and 2% , respectively (bottom). The rebound in private consumption, Which advanced 2.2% in December, it remains one of the main factors of growth in Europe. 

On the
other hand,
the foreign sector in China continues to rise to high levels . The country ‘s exports grew 11% yoy in January 2018, partly explained by the increasing western demand. Meanwhile, in the same period imports they grew almost 37% year on year , possibly due to the celebration of Chinese New Year, to be held in mid February. Below is a picture of the evolution of trade in goods over the past 4 years. 

Losses in equities globally have marked the week . The SP500 retreated 5% , taking other indices such as Eurostoxx (-5.6%), DAX (5.3%), IBEX 35 (-5.6%) . Corrections were due to certain doubts sustainability of high stock quotes US and rate hikes by central banks. 

the price of oil eased and Brent stood at $ 62.8 after reaching 70 at the end of January. This was due to increased oil production for the fourth consecutive week. 

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