Currency forecast: Eurolibra 2015 and 2016

Currency forecast: Eurolibra 2015 and 2016

During the last quarter the pound has respected the trading range against the Euro forecast in the last report, from 0.775 to 0.815 euros / pounds, with appreciatory balance at the end of the period.

The appearances of the BoE announcing new threats and risks to the economy have acted as reagent quote and we saw sharp depreciations then have reverted to give way again to the appreciation trend background.

In the following months, we will see, especially at the beginning of the year, a quote from forex trading range with a slight trend towards appreciation against the Euro. But as they are published good macroeconomic data will reappear rumors of imminent rate hikes that will cause the pound to rise again in value against the Euro.

We believe that the final balance of 2015 will be clearly appreciatory for the British currency. The estimate for the next three months range from 0.761 to 0.800 euros you look at / pounds, considering that has significant resistance at 0.80.


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