Blackwell Global UK – genxfxtrader

Blackwell Global UK – genxfxtrader

The key monetary management: How to successfully manage our portfolio in any asset or market, through an adaptive management strategy and how to adjust to a constantly changing market.

The securities portfolio is a combination of financial assets in laque explicitly determine what assets we invest and in what proportion.
The key monetary investment is in How to manage money, using all our assets with principal elobjetivo deobtener maximum returns with minimal risk.

To do this, the investor should diversify assets he controlled manner and asíconseguir unmenor risk.
Therefore segúnla Portfolio Theory, from the recognition of …

Blackwell Global is a broker direct processing, allowing direct access to multi-asset market offered, including more than 32 currency pairs, …

Founded in 2010, the group of companies ( “BLACKWELL GLOBAL”) was established to provide investment solutions for private and institutional clients, including financial services and products as well as future commercial services in forex, precious metals and options. BLACKWELL GLOBAL provides superior liquidity, 24h support, market research tools, educational materials, professional collaboration programs and fully integrated trading platforms for their clients. They have a global presence in more than 90 countries, GLOBAL BLACKWELL have headquarters in the markets also is regulated in the UK, Cambodia, Cyprus, Hong Kong and New Zealand. In July 2017, the group signed a partnership for the coming years with Everton Football Club and so have their first partner Forex Broker.
Blackwell Global is a broker direct processing, allowing direct access to multi – asset market offered, including more than 32 currency pairs, precious metals and contracts for differences .
Blackwell Global UK t iene headquartered in London, the company is registered under the laws of England and Wales office at 107 Cheapside, London, UK. Blackwell Global’s UK financial services provider, authorized and regulated by FCA under the number 687576. 

Blackwell Global  specializes mainly in the  investment in the foreign exchange market (forex) , but also allows investment in other products such as  precious metals and CFD’s . Among the  features  of the products offered  Blackwell  Global highlights:

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