Bitcoin “will easily reach $ 100,000 in a decade,” according to Saxo Bank

Bitcoin “will reach $ 100,000 in Easily a decade,” according to Saxo Bank

In the future we will have a cryptocurrency as world reserve currency, probably the bitcoin he says.

The idea of whether bitcoin is a good investment is not symmetrical for all investors. The bitcoin has attracted speculators such short – term and long – term investors.

With $ 10,000 under siege, the bitcoin has brutally exceeded all expectations of experts and analysts to revalue one 960% so far this year and is almost certain to reach, and even exceed, this milestone before the end of December. From here, the future is uncertain and the opinions of the experts are divided among those hoping to exploit what they see as a “bubble” and optimistic, projecting that within a decade, the queen of criptodivisas is changed $ 100,000. This group is the strategist at Saxo Bank, Kay Van-Petersen.

The expert, an advocate of the new investment class that represents the digital assets and other more than 1,100 ‘altcoins’ that make up this burgeoning market, which has reached a total of more than 300,000 million dollars, maintains “a structural view long term “, so bet that will be his change in 10 years. “I think in the future will end up having a cryptocurrency as world reserve currency. It is hard to say whether it will be the Bitcoin, but has the strength and support that lack many others, “he adds.

Regarding trading volume explains the expert Danish investment bank that “it is not unreasonable to think that trading volumes of 500,000 million criptomonedas -in front will reach the more than 5 trillions of dollars trading the traditional foreign exchange markets daily-“.


On the discussion remains on markets and global regulators on the nature of the criptoactivos, Van-Petersen believes that instruments are “investment and speculation”. Recently, other companies such as Allianz GI discussed the character of ‘currency’ actual virtual active and have considered a purely speculative asset.

Van-Petersen for the criptodivisas “are a new class of super alternative asset that differs greatly from any of the assets we have known so far.” However, points out that “the market is full of speculators – who jump on anything that is hot, moving fast, without worrying about the fundamental – and also long-term investors remaining in the market between 5 and 15 years enduring a changing rules of the game “.

In this sense, like any other asset class, “the bitcoin has attracted these short-term speculators jumping from a hot to another asset in finding strategies to get rich quick, something that is only possible in an alternate universe – “continues the analyst Saxo Bank. On the other hand, “there are also long-term investors like Marc Andreessen, the Silicon Valley, who have invested billions of dollars in Bitcoin and support the development of infrastructure of this criptodivisa” rounds.

For this reason, the analyst Saxo Bank advises that “as with any other asset, one must appeal to its own investor profile and decide whether bitcoin falls within its ability to take risks and meet their investment objectives.” “The idea of ​​whether it is a good investment is not symmetrical for all investors. Moreover, it is not without risk, as it could go to $ 100,000 or even $ 1 million and be supplanted by a new type of technology that we still can not understand, “he argues.


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