Bitcoin remains at $ 2,000, above the historic gold high

Bitcoin remains at $ 2,000, high above the historic gold

In recent months, the bitcoin has played a lot like gold in financial markets paper. The criptodivisa, as the precious metal, has increased its dollar value to the repeated political crises, making clear that its role as a safe haven is more alive than ever. The digital currency has managed to pulverize a record high in recent weeks after another, exceeding the best mark of gold and catapulted over $ 2,000, which keeps prices Monday.

It happened on May 20. After reaching prices above $ 1,900 in most exchange houses, the bitcoin continued to increase its value to a new milestone ever seen representing a revaluation of the digital currency 100% so far this year and 125% from the March lows at $ 895. Monday, some exchange houses have been priced above $ 2,200, while the ciberactivo holds the barrier of $ 2,000, a price that is considered key psychologically for the forecast of many analysts is satisfied that the price of the currency virtual climb to $ 3,000 in this 2017. market capitalization has soared to nearly 33,000 million.

The growing political uncertainty, coupled with progress in regulating the use of bitcoin in countries like Japan, Russia, Brazil and China, have boosted the online currency to these levels that now exceed the highs of gold, reached in September 2011, slightly above $ 1,920. The appreciation of the currency, only last week has been 12%, amid political storm unleashed over the presidency of Donald Trump in the US and its ties with Russia. Since late April, when a bitcoin was trading at $ 1,300, its value has increased by 50% and the main impetus has come from Japan, with Korea, currently monopolize almost 50% of the world market in this asset. The cause must be sought in the legal change of status received in the Japanese country where bitcoin is now considered a legal tender.


The growing interest in the market of online forex has left others far more dramatic increases in coins as etherum, which has doubled in price in just one month, to more than $ 180 in some exchange houses, or ripple, a centralized currency for using large banks, which has appreciated 1000% in the same period.

And not just here, according to the coinmarketcap buyer, the total market capitalization of more than 78,000 online currencies million this May 22 and bitcoin Cup now less than 50% of this volume, when a month ago represented 80%.


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