Best Chilean brokers 2018 – genxfxtrader

Best Chilean brokers 2018 – genxfxtrader

Do they know best brokers and stockbrokers in Chile for 2018 ? One of the most important aspects to consider when we will operate on the stock market is what broker must choose. The first thing an investor when is set to choose the best broker , usually the costs or fees applied by brokers, as well as the platform for trading on stock exchanges and access to different types of asset class to create their portfolios . 

So then we
will have a summary of the
rates and conditions applied by all brokers and brokers who traded in Chile .

We discuss the fees charged and the minimum amounts needed to begin trading with each broker.
Operational issues of each
broker as the platform ease of use, access to information, customer service, etc. They have not been analyzed in this post.

Commissions are paid at the
end of each day in a single invoice for each type of operation, one for purchases and another for sales. Each invoice includes all orders to buy or sell partially or fully implemented, including the fees, which are calculated as follows:

An equivalent to 0.4% of the total commission amount traded (this fee includes the right bag) .

A fixed fee of $ 3,900 per invoice.
Thus, if any buying and selling on the same day, the total fixed fee of $ 7,800 will be, regardless of the number of orders executed.

Both commissions are added, and the VAT rate at the date of the transaction is added.

Unfortunately I could not get the necessary information from all Chilean brokers, so if anyone knows some information would be very grateful if you
put it in a comment, together we can finish the safe list.


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Hello, splendid list, the truth is that it
takes a good job.

I can provide them with information about EuroAmérica.

The minimum amount to operate the bag is M $ 1,000.

Commissions both buying and selling shares is 1.0% of the transaction amount, plus $ 4,000 spending billing.

You need client stockbroker made to operate, both executive track as directly through EUROAMERICA page.

Thank you very much for your contribution hommersimpson, now updated the list.

I found useful information on commissions BCI, here is the left:

-Committee Transaction: 1.5% + VAT

minimum -Committee Transaction: $ 18,000 + VAT

-Cost Operational by Turnover (Journal if transactions): $ 7.000 + VAT (per day in which it operates).

-Cost of Custody: No cost.

-Cost Rights Exchange: No charge.

Many thanks Paloma, the update is already done.

CorpBanca incorporate password:

a single commission 0.35% + $ 4,900 per day of operation, more VAT values Charged.
The fixed fee is charged only once, regardless of the number of transactions by you on the day. Notably, no charge right bag.

Added the new corridor.


which is the source of information for this list, where did you get this information?

agradecere your comments

Hola !!
The information is extracted from the websites of brokers.



I know a Chilean broker, operating in Forex, you have good returns and delivers a platform that shows you mirror the closed operations they perform, Take them have fixed, a 2% monthly income per note.
also they have equity but that is at risk, not fixed.

It called ContinentalFX.
Review the managed accounts.


Admiral Markets is not already here?

Good morning Giovanni, do you think that
Admiral Markets should be in the ranking? You know your commissions?

Would start updating that list, as there exist neither brokerages.

Hello, we have not yet updated the list for 2018, when we update will
remove those that are no longer. Thank you!

Renta 4 charges me by domestic transaction 0.35% and 1% International Transaction (values plus VAT) ….
If fixed cost, no cost
custody or anything else …. I charged that by having current account Falabella Falabella not charge any fee for CTAs. Cte. When you have 2 PAC’s salary deposit account …

Mr. Moderator, their contribution is appreciated, but still difficult to
choose a broker, could add another column for example with values in pesos? To improve the comparison …. Suppose you have an account with $ 1,000,000 for 10 transactions in the month … considering all costs for billing, commission, maintenance, custody, etc. The monthly rent would be paid 4, BCI, etc … In state bank. Thanks

For Rent 4 to I have CTAs.
Cte. Falabella bank charges me with the sgte: domestic market transaction: $ 1,000,000 assuming TRANSACTION, 10 transactions in the month, 0.35% commission paid $ 35,000 plus VAT bone $ 6,650 $ 41,650 total bone …. without any other cost extra … If I buys and sells shares in international market I charge 1% per transaction plus VAT, for example if I would make 10 international transactions would pay $ 100,000 commission and $ 19,000 for VAT, bone $ 119,000 in total, without any other cost …. Osea no fixed fee, without expense billing at no cost custody without the right cost bag etc … Only the costs mentioned in calculations

How about Capitaria?

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