Best bag games and simulators to learn and train – genxfxtrader

Best bag games and simulators to learn and train – genxfxtrader

When we start on the stock market, we have an impulse to want to get on right away and want to throw the investment world. As stated in genxfxtrader much, it is important to start well formed, and have patience. If someone has never invested money in the stock market it is important that before doing so, accumulate on the one hand knowledge about markets , but also to learn how to use trading platforms .

It is important to
use platforms “demo” at the beginning, to become familiar as all the key concepts and tools. When such a simple action such as throwing a market order, take into account the spread and do not forget to place stops loss and take profits starts, it can be a real odyssey when you’ve never done and no platform is known. Therefore we will present
several sets of bag with which any investor, whether for fun without risking your real money, or for newer we are beginning, to train and become familiar with the world of the bag.

genxfxtrader started a year his game bag. In collaboration with IG, being registered with genxfxtrader you can access a demo account IG with which you can operate with a volume of EUR 100 000 in different assets. On this platform you can either learn or improve your trading strategies because values directly follow the actual market movements . In this game bag, you ‘ll have access to everything you could have a real trading platform, and you’ll learn how to use technical indicators, placing stop loss and learn to diversify without risking your own capital.

In addition to learning,
you can challenge your friends to participate , or just compete with other participants genxfxtrader to see who gets to get higher returns. This can make it more entertaining and enjoyable, and also can discuss with other participants what strategies are underway to learn and discuss strategies live on the game forum bag . The lure of the game genxfxtrader bag is also has prizes for the best traders , so if you have not tried it you 

Sometimes it
is not so easy to connect to a computer available. If you are looking for a game that allows us to have him on our mobile device to use any free time we have, here we leave some of the games we’ve found the Play Store and we have found interesting.

Wall Street Magnate

This game simulates you’re a broker, and allows you to
buy and sell fictitious stocks, and gives us an idea of market performance. It simulates the stock market from a very simple interface where your goal is to buy stocks that you think will go up to increase your returns. It can be entertaining for the more experienced people as new.

Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

is very similar to the previous application, only with more information about the companies and graphs.
This game can be more interesting for those who already know how markets work better. The idea is to buy and sell US stocks and gradually increase profitability. 

Trader Trainer

This application is more focused on technical analysis.
Graphs are presented Candlesticks and you have to operate based on them. Indicators can be used so that helps too familiar with these tools, and graphics are real cases of the evolution of an anonymous value of the last 20 years. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn to operate with Japanese candles.

Wall Street Beat 

This game is
not downloaded from the Play Store, but it is necessary to look at another provider downloads, but it’s an interesting game because it uses real – time values of the market. 

Wall Street Kid (1990)
Bag best games and simulators for learning and training

This game released in 1990, can be considered the
first simulator bag history. With a very rudimentary interface 90s, this game created by Sofel for Nintendo puts us in the shoes of a young trader who after receiving a large inheritance, should invest in the stock market to earn enough money to buy back a castle long ago it was of the family. While we achieve this goal, we will enjoy the luxurious life of a Wall Street broker typical of the 80s and 90s, where money and luxury highlighted everywhere.

This game was available for the Nintendo NES.
To play this classic game bag you can be downloaded from computer emulators.

Wall Street Manager (1993)

In 1993 came the simulator.
It is more advanced than Wall Street Kid.
We may hire employees to facilitate our work, as can be to analyze stocks or invest in stock for us. In this simulator does not’ll get into the skin of a broker with an office, and we must move forward and gaining more and more money to unlock better office and take our company to the top. This option does not have in the previous game, and the goal of this game is to grow the company to become the best broker on Wall Street.

Substantially improved graphics, reminiscent of the first computer simulators that were created.

Wall Street Trader 99 (1999)
Bag best games and simulators for learning and training
Bag best games and simulators for learning and training Again with this game he jumped forward in the simulation game bag. The developer of computer games Montecristo, created this game in 1999. 
The game puts you in the shoes of a young man who just finished his studiesAnd gets a job at one of the biggest companies of the moment stockbroker, Basil Fleming. After gain the trust of your billionaire boss, you’ll be leaving Fleming Basil increasingly part of your business that need to manage and become the largest broker of all time. 

In this simulator, also they have assistants, as lawyers, reporters, and even spies to succeed.
In this game already known companies like Sony or Nintendo in which you can invest.

This is a game full of options where you can take several paths for your success as a

Wall Street Trader 2001 (2001)

Bag best games and simulators for learning and training also developed by Montecristo and distributed by Electronic Arts, the game was the evolution of its predecessor Wall Street Trader 99 put on sale in 2001, is one of the most developed simulators bag there . In this game you are adding options: you can invest in futures, options, foreign exchange investing, launching media campaigns, getting inside information and try to manipulate markets. Bag best games and simulators for learning and trainingIn addition all companies emerging in this game are real, like McDonald ‘s , Microsoft, eBay or Amazon are.

In this game we start being managers, you can choose one of 4 characters available.
Although it seems a complex game, being able to hire workers to do many tasks, greatly simplifies the game even for people who have little idea of the bag.

Platforms as
MetaTrader or ProRealTime are used to operate bag. You can use them during free time on a demo account to trade with play money. Although you should know that these platforms are already more complicated to use because they are much more optimized. Here are more technical indicators and many more customization options and more detailed trading you do. The amount of assets is also likely to be more complete. Sooner or later if it is highly recommended that you learn to use these platforms if a professional trading is sought , but to start or to hang out are not necessary. Many brokers use these platforms for their customers, and if you request a demo test with leading brokers, you probably can download these platforms from their own website. 

We hope this information can be useful for those seeking a place to learn about stock market or further education.
And if you can not always serve to entertain yourself and challenge friends over who is able to get higher returns.

I am fond of
for many years to use simulators to practice safe operation. Although I have real operational experience, I have fun with simulators and do all kinds of tests under real conditions would not dare. So I could design my own strategy, which works pretty well.

The truth is that I
recommend to everyone who starts in this exciting world using a simulator bag you choose, but try to choose one that simulates the operation of the most reliable way. It will give you much ease and safety when deciding to launch orders on the stock market not fictitiously.

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