Are there only 5 cards that do not charge when paying in another currency? (19/36) – genxfxtrader

There are only five cards That do not charge When paying in another currency? (19/36) – genxfxtrader

Good morning, I have been using La Caixa Visa Debit for some shopping in another currency. After much searching, I have seen in the contract that charge a 3.95%.

Best of all is that at first denied that any commission to power up , then went He loaded to 3.95% but it is Visa, we were not nothing. To give the benefit of the doubt, really so?

On page Visa if I put 0% in Bank fee, as La Caixa says, the amount is 24 euros less than they have charged me … but they keep in their position that these 24 euros is the left Visa, and they have agreed these “good condition” for its customers.

The truth is that I feel indignant not because they charge, because after all it is a proper decision if you use Visa or not, I resent that I understand it is a commission and they do not want to call commission or acknowledge that the are … it is like saying that the commission they charge for such a transfer goes to Doctors without Borders.

Similarly, anyone know if there is a document that says how much Visa stays with the currency exchange upon purchase and the rest is the bank that you left? or I’m really wrong and yes that all Visa commission is? I want to send an e – mail complaint, I will not do much but at least it ‘ll show the lie to customers. Thank you very much.


The select MasterCard debit bank Santander not charge any fee for cash advances at ATMs of the Santander from all over the world and pay it either.

That commission is the bank, so it appears in his book fare.
The commission Visa or Mastercard is very small. 

If you compare the exchange rate Visa or Mastercard with the Bank of Spain, you will see that the differences are very small:

can see a comparison here:


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The American Express not they charge commission currency exchange when you pay in foreign countries.
I was convinced that if. I have called and they told me that the commission is 2.9%

In my case the AMEX are the most I avoid when paying abroad, not only charge very high commission for exchange, but they do change foreign currency USD USD and EUR with some types of changes will not have commissions, but they are defining themselves AMEX.


Hello, I have a big doubt.
I will travel to New York and I have already made a purchase online with Visa Debit La Caixa and have been charged a commission of 3.95% change. Bearing this in mind that card I get better pay when in NY if I have credit card Citiank (popular-e), the debit card
Openbank , debit card Selfbank and Visa debit La Caixa? ??

I often mess up and I have
long been looking online but I can not find it.



Hello Roberto,  

To take money abroad with money exchange, the best is a debit card, if it
can be no better commissions (
Cards with no commissions to travel abroad ), but no cards you mention are. 

You ‘ll have to look out on commissions for taking money abroad + the commission for currency exchange and know what exchange rate applied (usually the, Mastercard or Visa).
You can check your rates here:
Books fees and commissions. 

Another option is to
go with the money changed since Spain although it may be more expensive and you’ll never know if it is enough or much money you take. 

Anyway, I leave this thread where you can see what the currency exchange costs for some banks:
Where is cheaper currency exchange?


Models of bank claims

Many gracias¡¡¡ I’ve cleared my doubts.
I have also called bank for bank and this is the next thing I’m told.


LA CAIXA (debit) VISA CHANGE CHANGE VISA + 3.95% + 3.95% + 4.5%

SELF BANK (debit) VISA CHANGE CHANGE VISA + 3.95% + 3.95% + 4.5%

Openbank (debit) VISA + 3% CHANGE CHANGE wITH MINIMAL VISA +4.5 3.5 €

CITIBANK (Credit) official exchange (no commission)

I hope you are also helping more people like me.

Thank you very much

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