Any fund to invest in Russia? (7/10) – genxfxtrader

Any fund to invest in Russia? (7/10) – genxfxtrader

The last news I’ve read about
the situation in Russia is that the country has begun selling its foreign exchange reserves. 

The ruble, after a lurch of vertigo, slows its collapse and points upward, like the Moscow Stock Exchange.

The Russian minister said that the sale of foreign exchange reserve is carried out since the ruble would be

Still, the Moscow Government adds that the stabilization of the
currency market will largely depend oil prices.

The Russian central bank has allocated more than 80,000 million dollars to intervene in the market and support the ruble and notes that
are investigating possible manipulation in the currency market.

Investors hinder their escape en masse.
Yet in the debt market, the Russian situation does not improve. The interests of two – year debt are above 18%.

For its part, the rating agency S & P, Moody’s and Fitch have a negative outlook for the Russian debt, which is near junk status

Good morning,

Well have commanded to enter the Parvest with 2000 euros.

Christmas 2015 in hablamos.Saludos

As luck Javier.

That if buy and as you say, forget it
until next year … and you look before December next year 31

anyway and if you can be of help, look at this web (maybe you know her but good

Thank you very much Kitty.

It is an investment in which I really would not believe if not actually to be very volatile markets, but hope to take a joy in Rusia.Hasta then

Ah Kitty did not know that site and I thank you suggested to me .Many thanks

Taking advantage of
the tremendous downs these days have increased exposure to background.

As others have said foreros within a year we’ll see if it was a good decision or not.


in adversity comes to light virtue.

Good morning!

I will discuss some new features
that I read Russian. What do you think about Russia by 2015?

Again, it is said that the current situation in Russia
is not 1998 . Ramón Forcada, said that the two situations are not comparable, since Russia currently has a level of debt and leverage of the Russian Federation significantly lower. He has also accumulated many reserves in recent years. This will make a short – term default does not occur, but will follow the depreciation of the ruble and contraction of GDP.

The Russian-Chinese ampliaciación swap agreement (swap) in national currencies would
help the
stabilization of the ruble and strengthen China ‘s efforts to make the yuan a global reserve currency.

Wang Yi said:

Russia has the ability and wisdom to overcome the difficulties in the economic situation.

If the Russian side needs, we will
provide the necessary assistance within our capabilities.

Nobody will get intimidated, contain or isolate Russia

advise Washington to reflect on the consequences of their actions

also Russian presindete notes that sanctions aim to
hinder the political process to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.

It also highlights that there has been spying in Russia, as more than 230 different agents of foreign intelligence services were identified this year.

US President
has banned trade between the US and Crimea to show companies from his country would not accept Russian occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea.

Good Javi how you take the bottom?

I have already above the profitability wanted to get … Shall we go or stay??

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