And what about cryptocurrencies? – genxfxtrader

And what about cryptocurrencies? – genxfxtrader

Opinions, advice, ideas, etc you read this blog, are just opinions.
Specifically the personal opinions of Javier and Thomas, not those of any entity .

No post in this blog takes into account your personal circumstances and
nothing in this blog can not be considered as advice of any kind .Tampoco should consider it as an offer or invitation to purchase or sale of any financial instrument. Investing in the markets is not a game . Every day is won and lost a lot of money and so many factors that can influence the valuations that it is impossible to predict their movements reliably.

We could have exposure either personally or through any of the products we manage the entities we work for, in any of the assets that we discussed in the blog.

* The cryptocurrency is stored in an encrypted wallet is a string of characters with which you can make use of your money. If you lose, you can not use your money.

* What do you do with the wallet? Or save it on a flash drive, or leave it on your hard drive or upload it to the cloud for someone to save it . The flash drive and hard drive are like a ticket that is not waterproof. And there are many that offer keep you wallet in the cloud, but are malicious sites. And if you are connected, and a hacker you find your wallet, you can use your money.

* Then you finally have digital money you have the drawbacks of cash (bearer risk of damage or loss), and the disadvantages of electronic money (hackable).

* Blockchain is a technology that prevents or hinders counterfeiting. And that’s all great noise about the wonders of Blockchain. But does not prevent other problems described.

The criptomonedas have another characteristic that in the future can be critical: they can not apply the fractional reserve.
That is, for a bank to make a loan in bitcoins you must first possess these bitcoins. It ‘s not what happens to the euro, which the bank can make a loan creating the ‘money-banking’ air.

Some central banks are studying very seriously the issue of crypto currency.
Commercial banks have to be very worried because they could not issue credit in that currency.

Oh no … not now be able to
print fake money in their account balances … The world ends …

Another negociete that is supposed to
bring benefits (do not know who), but I will continue taking care of euros ….

Real estate on the far side of the moon, Mars or Saturn’s rings may not be suitable for my humble portfolio, and to the roadmap established in my life journey.

Now, one does not know to subscribe sticker collection …… we are in September month subscriptions ….

As always the question of what about mine?

It is not resolved in a
reliable, robust and sustainable way over time.

In times of both activism, especially political, we should defend the procastinación, let it be Richard Branson and his entourage of millionaires who first go to the moon … ..

You and me;
if so and we’ll reconsider later ….

Nature must be the system der that has best withstood the test of time …

What tests exceeded Mrs. Bitcoin?
how old are you?

We all recognize quickly when we are dealing with pornography, including financial right?

Financial lust is called greed, and scammers take advantage lust for fleecing their victims.

I very interested in
this debate, but I missed the full … I read the above and removing the final conclusion and some commentary (very successful that of Cornstar about lust and of Eguzkialde pornography) I do not feel that is an investment of I must flee.

In the more than 8 years of existence bearing the bitcoin I see it
more than enough for critics and lustful investors had already lying time, and yet all I see is that eventually grows and grows increasingly.

I raised and invest in bitcoins back in 2015, and if I remember correctly, and worth around USD600.
I have forex investments by value and gains and losses accumulated exponentially multiply these values, including 4000 current, why not invest yet?

No … if my nose tells me not to
invest something will be. However excellent debate which is being organized.

<Mode ironia> Hey, your instinct is wrong, because with’ll bitcoins to buy many tulips … and you even
tell that bitcoins are extracted from the marshes of the Mississippi Company … how can you say that the swamps and tulips are Bad business?

Hahahaha orale caught him.
I’ll stay well quietecito

If you go to buy land on Mars, have consideration to be like buying one of those destroyed and contaminated land (something like buying a volcano crater), but Russian winter, no air and a problem switching .

Hello particularly worries me a little the rise of criptomonedas since, can hide activities such as drug trafficking and terrorism and there are certain concerns savers, there is
an obvious speculative risk, we have to very careful when making a investment, study it and analyze it deeply, because if a crash who would pay for our investments happen.

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