Analysis of the IPSA – genxfxtrader

Analysis of the IPSA – genxfxtrader

Do they know best brokers and stockbrokers in Chile for 2018 ? One of the most important aspects to consider when we will operate on the stock market is what broker must choose. The first thing an investor when is set to choose the best broker , usually the costs or fees applied by brokers, as well as the platform for trading on stock exchanges and access to different types of asset class to create their portfolios . 

So then we
will have a summary of the
rates and conditions applied by all brokers and brokers who traded in Chile .

Sure you’ve recently heard about 
criptomonedas or virtual coins. The  criptomonedas  have become an interesting investment option, but have also generated controversy, expectations and opinions of all kinds. This article looks at  what they are and how to invest in criptomonedas in Chile. 

revenues amounted to US $ 3,627,000 , 2.8% more than in the same period last year, an increase of 28.3% in online sales Falabella, Sodimac and Tottus, which totaled US $ 823 million in the last 12 months.

Two of the instruments contracted investment more investors are 
ETFs  and mutual funds . This article will distinguish each of them, highlighting their most significant differences. What are the differences between ETFs and mutual funds ?

What are the
companies and stocks with higher net investment by the AFPs ? And the more shares sold by the AFP ? Meet here the most demanding companies by AFP and less valued.

Santiago Stock Exchange along with El Mercurio prepared the “Issuers Guide 2018” which analyzes and compares the main actions that make up
the local equity market.

At the time of buying stocks or investing in, often we consider the
dividend going us to report these actions. So let’s make a ranking of the best IPSA shares and dividend IGPA in which we can invest.

To know which are
companies with the best stocks to invest dividend s, we will review the actions that best dividends have been reported in 2017. In order to view the best actions of IPSA and IGPA , we have revised the guidance of issuers of the Santiago Stock Exchange and Mercury. On the one hand, companies know best performing dividend and on the other hand the companies that paid dividends. You have doubts? What are the differences? Do not worry, still with us and tell you more about dividends.

It is important to
know the
functioning of dividends to know which companies must invest and which not. And especially the significance of a company distributed a high percentage of dividends or distribute a very low percentage.

Enterprise Value (EV)  or  Enterprise Value  is one of the metrics most commonly used in the financial valuation of companies. This is one of the most important ratios of  fundamental analysis.  This article looks at what it is and how to calculate enterprise value

Santiago Stock Exchange (BCS)  publishes a monthly ranking of the amounts traded by broker , both overall and by financial instruments. Then we will detail what are the biggest volumes traded during the month of April by brokerages and their composition. Finally, we will see what the are most traded shares in April. 

Net Present Value ( NPV ) or Net Present Value ( NPV ) is the best known method to evaluate investment projects long term as to determine whether a financial investment meets basic objective: Maximize investment. This article looks at what is the net present value and  how to calculate it . 

Free Cash Flow (FCF ) or free cash flow is one of the different forms of measurement of cash or cash flows used in the valuation of investment projects of enterprises. As discussed below, the Free Cash Flow represents cash flow generated by the company, no matter how it is financed. Also we know how to calculate this flow. 

Now know the
most profitable and most traded shares on the Santiago Stock Exchange for months, ever know the best and most profitable investments . The article is divided into 4 sections: more profitable stocks , most traded shares , volumes traded of all instruments and securities made more relevant each month.

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