All about the imaginBank card: ATMs, commissions, discounts … – genxfxtrader

All about the imaginBank card: ATMs, commissions, discounts … – genxfxtrader

The imagin card can be obtained for free by hiring the imagin imaginBank account . ImaginBank is the mobile bank CaixaBank and noted for its operational 100% mobile, from which you can perform all operations, from consulting to transfer movements. In the following article we will see from where you can withdraw money with the card imagin, what are your commissions and what discounts can be accessed through them.

automátcos ATMsWith the card you can imagin withdraw cash at over 50,000 ATMs in Spain of Euro6000, 4B and ServiRed network, but will only be free in CaixaBank tellers. When you sign your card to a cashier imagin CaixaBank will have a custom menu. 

In all
other ATMs of other national networks may charge rate, called surcharge fee, which will not leave exempt from paying, as it is a commission of the ATM itself applies owner. 

In Europe *, with imagin card offers on approximately 200,000 cajeross in which extort money from debit card without paying commissions.
In this case it is also possible that the so – called surcharge fee applies, but the cashier must warn you before the operation to complete. Outside Europe, you can also get money to debit free, but will apply a fee for currency exchange. 

* Countries included: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lietchtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovak Republic

the following table commissions debit card imaginBank shown when taking money in national and international ATMs both debit as credit (in the event that a credit card is taken), as well as currency exchange. 

As we can see, with imagin card you can withdraw money from any nationally cashier and internationally free of
charge, whenever a debit and the country is inside the euro zone, as elsewhere, the cost of currency exchange will 3.95%. 

Through Account imagin we have access to great discounts at many establishments.
There are several ways to access them through a promotional code that must include accessing through a particular website or
paying with your imagin card. We leave, differentiating by theme, the discounts you can access imaginBank: 

Travel and hotels

Culture and training 

Food and catering 
Fashion and Beauty
Film, music, shows and experiences

And now imaginBank have available a promotion for new customers with whom you can get a
check Amazon worth 40 € and if you are a client of imaginBank and invite your friends to be as well, you can get up to 200 € on Amazon gift voucher. 

Curiously has 50,000 ATMs and the rest of Europe “only” 200,000 in Spain.

Because in Spain is paid mostly in cash and the rest of Europe you pay more card in Spain do not you think?

I know that, and also because Spain has always been a
lot more offices than in the rest. But it remains curious disproportionality of the figures. 1 in 5 ATM is in Spain.

Why in some countries, for example in France, there are often queues at the cashier and wait a
few minutes.

Here there is rarely queues, and we have more ATMs than anywhere else and of course, all this has a cost and someone has to pay.

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