After the failure of the Segwit2x, bitcoin gold will see the light this weekend

After the failure of the Segwit2x, gold bitcoin will see the light this weekend

The third bitcoin born on November 12, several days late.

New bitcoin network was created last month and its developers have been mined blocks.

After several days of tests and after days of delay compared to the date of initial release, the bitcoin gold will come on Sunday at 20:00 pm, Spanish time, as announced its creators. The market will have three bitcoins criptodivisas after this bifurcation of the chain block, though minority, has borne fruit, unlike what happened with the Segwit2X protocol.

Still very effective hangover from the consequences for the price of the criptodivisa that the failure of increased processing speed four to eight megabytes left in the price of digital currency, bitcoin faces the culmination of this cleavage ‘block chain’. Just two days to materialize, most criptodivisa by market capitalization remains stable around $ 7,200, after the strong volatility of this week.

Begun in late October, the creators of gold bitcoin have taken it calmly and undermined in a test environment for about three weeks. This decision has been criticized by the community of crypto currencies as have reserved a certain amount of coins to support developers.

Prior to the launch of bitcoin gold, his team has sought to send a signal of confidence to the market, amid growing concerns that circulate around the success of this initiative. In this regard have pointed out, in a statement, “be grateful” to the community that has contributed to “patiently try their own mining process, as well as platforms of exchanges, groups, developers wallets and all other operators services that have offered their support for the gold bitcoin community can have a full set of services at the time of launch. “

Despite the controversy surrounding this new ‘crypto’ and limited acceptance advances, sharing platforms and operators monitored the launch after bitcoin cash has managed to accumulate $ 4 million market capitalization.


The new critográfica currency seeks to change the way mining works by preventing the most powerful computers -called ASIC- become invalid. Second, expects to release the bitcoin network of large companies ‘mining’ that have emerged in recent times to make it more accessible to users.

For practical purposes, operators will have in his hand a new critodivisa, the bitcoin gold, born with the idea of ​​being an improved version of the traditional bitcoin, but many consider as a ‘altcoin’. That is, as a digital currency over 1,100 universe of assets that populate the virtual currency market. When the fork is complete, owners of bitcoins will have an equal amount in the new currency, but not the same value. This will be determined a posteriori “since after the split, will be market demand and sentiment which will mark its users dollar change,” says Sudhir Khatwani, author of the blog CoinSutra.


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