400 million dollars: the anonymous investment in bitcoin that has encouraged their recovery

400 million dollars: the anonymous investment in bitcoin That Has Encouraged Their recovery

Encryption coins cling to their recent milestones and remain steadfast after a dreadful start to the year.

White House dismisses make a regulation criptodivisas public in the near future.

A bounce up to a sharp correction. The rally encryption coins began a week and a half has continued this weekend, with a milestone in the bitcoin above $ 11,000. After a start of the year in which they staged a broad collapse in prices, during which the main virtual assets were left, on average, 50% almost 70% in the case of the ‘queen of criptos’- , they have extended their gains in the last two days to nearly half a trillion dollars in accumulated more than 1,500 existing tokens and coins.

Although moderate corrections exceeding 1.5% for bitcoin cash, the outlook remains encouraging look at the weekly start. The ethereum is on the threshold of $ 950, the ripple is located at $ 1.14 and cash bitcoin exceeds 1,500 greenbacks. The litecoin moderates its advance to $ 215.

This widespread optimism has also been fed by the operation of a single anonymous ‘trader’ who has bought bitcoins worth 400 million dollars. Between 9 and 12 February, this investment has increased in more than 40,000 bitcoins, to have his credit with 96,000 units of the virtual currency. As this millionaire bitcoins are many who have taken the “healthy” correction in prices to return to shopping and shape a rebound is already 60% in the main virtual currency market capitalization.

Explains ‘MarketWatch’ this operation has spread like wildfire through social networks and specialized liners in criptomonedas and has emboldened upward in bitcoin that said active encryption drew a floor at least $ 6,000 6 February.

USA, unregulated IN SIGHT

Purchases also been accelerated by greater clarity in the steps undertaken by regulatory authorities in Asia and the US. Specifically, the country chaired by Donald Trump does not plan to publish any legislation on criptodivisas in the near future. Speaking to the ‘CNBC’ during the Security Conference in Munich, the cybersecurity coordinator of the White House special assistant to Trump, Rob Royce, so assured, making clear the position of the country despite the discussion possible standards for virtual assets that develops between the Senate and agencies such as the Securities markets Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

“We are still studying and understanding what good ideas and bad ideas in that space are. Therefore, I do not think it’s about “a specific regulation, Joyce explained to the chain.

Echoing previous comments by Treasury Secretary US, Steve Mnuchin, Joyce has said his most immediate concern is the use of bitcoin by criminals. And like Mnuchin he has placed emphasis on the irreversibility of bitcoin transactions and anonymity, which he described as “worrying”.

“We are worried. There are benefits in the concept of bitcoins: digital cash, digital currency, “he argued,” but at the same time, if you look at the way this coin works after a criminal act occurs, you can not turn back the clock and recover that money, “he said.

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