40 bitcoins: the price of the first floor in Spain bought with cryptocurrencies

40 bitcoins: the price of the first floor in Spain bought With cryptocurrencies

  • The company has already put on sale other property in Barcelona you can buy with bitcoins.

The Catalan real estate Mister Floor sold in the first floor of Tarragona Spain is sold only in  Bitcoins , reported Wednesday in a statement.

It is an attic to Imperial Tarraco Square , which the owner has put as a condition of sale that  the payment has to be made only through this cryptocurrency .

The transaction has resulted in a price of 40 bitcoins , which  at current exchange equivalent to 550,000 euros ; if the buyer does not have this cryptocurrency, you will have to proceed to acquire previously through exchange houses operating on the Internet.

The Bitcoin is a digital currency conceived in 2009 characterized to be decentralized, that is, that does not promote any government or dependent on the confidence of a central bank of issue, and is based on technology ‘ blockchain ‘, which ensures that a money can not be spent twice.

Since the beginning of 2017, its popularity has grown exponentially due to the rise in its price, which has risen from $ 999 in January 2017 to the current $ 14,246.

A second floor for sale in bitcoins in Barcelona

According to CEO of Mister Floor, Victor Monreal,  the Bitcoin allows faster and effective operational traditional transaction  that has so far been carried out through bank intermediation, “which involves an on unnecessary regulation”.

Founded in July last year, Mister House is a chain of real estate agencies that have origin and based in Barcelona and has a delegation to the city of Tarragona, which has specialized and luxury real estate.

The company, with an office in Tarragona and based in Barcelona,  and offers a second floor for sale is available with bitcoins . This is a family home that sells for 450,000 euros or its equivalent in the virtual currency, which currently trades at $ 14,000 11,870 euros the unit, although it has contributed about 15,000 over the last week .



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